Fuel your marketing with feedback

Whether you’re a restauranteur adapting to a takeout‑only menu or a pilates instructor moving classes online, surveys help you see what is (and isn’t) working so you can market smarter.

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Let contacts be your guide

For new and established businesses, gathering feedback is crucial for connecting with your audience and understanding their needs. Turn those customer insights into successful marketing strategies.

A survey form asking "What's your favorite flavor?"

Send targeted, personal messages

Use survey responses to define audience segments with tags. Get to know your customers with fewer assumptions and more proof.

Better understand your customer

Measure customer satisfaction and prospect point of view

Use opinion polls or post-event surveys to quickly gauge current customer satisfaction and interest from prospects. With a direct line to your audience, surveys can be used to foster deeper customer empathy.

Rediscover your product-market fit

With surveys, you can easily determine which product features are most important to current and prospective customers. This helps you tailor your business priorities and master the art of customer satisfaction.

Unlock data-driven pricing insights

Establishing pricing for a new product or feature? Create a survey with questions focused on your customer's willingness to pay. Then, drive product recommendations rooted in data.

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Uncover decision-making roles

Clear up confusion about your audience’s purchase intent by asking the right questions. Determine who—buyer, payer, end-user—is most interested, and discover new opportunities based on actual insights from your audience.

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Develop audience‑centric products faster

Use insights from surveys to inform your product development. Get a clear picture of what your audience wants from your business, and discover new opportunities based on their feedback.