About Abuse Suspension

If you are being directed to this page, it is probably because your account was suspended for exceeding industry thresholds for abuse complaints.

What is an abuse complaint?

An abuse complaint occurs when your recipient clicks on "report spam" in their email program. If their ISP has what is called a "Feedback Loop" (which most of them do), they are registered as an abuse complaint in your account. The abuse complaint causes the recipient to be automatically unsubscribed from your list and they will no longer receive the email campaigns.

Abuse complaints can also result from an individual filing a direct complaint to a Spamcop organization or to our Compliance Team.

What causes an account suspension?

Account suspensions are automatic system actions triggered when a single send exceeds industry thresholds. We are required by ISPs and Spamcop organizations to enforce the established thresholds and suspend an account in order to prevent any further issues while we investigate. When a suspension occurs, you will receive an email to the account's contact e-mail address briefly explaining the issue and directing you to the account to answer questions. Once the questions are submitted, someone from our Compliance Team will follow up with you to help expedite the investigation.

During an account suspension sending is disabled, but all other interaction with the application should continue to work (logging in, API requests, accessing your data, etc.).

We know you have a business to run and we are certainly not trying to hold you up! We are required by ISPs and anti-spam organizations to suspend the account to avoid any further issues while we investigate the cause of the abuse complaint thresholds being exceeded.

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