About Abuse Warnings

If you are being directed to this link, it's because we want provide you with a little more information about the abuse complaint warning you received in the account.

What Are Abuse Warnings

Abuse complaint warnings occur when an account exceeds the industry thresholds established by internet service providers (ISPs). As a marketing automation platform that delivers email, we are required to enforce these thresholds. If the account far exceeds the sending thresholds, the account could face possible account suspension.

Warnings are system notifications to let you know that your list has received higher-than-normal abuse complaint rates on a particular campaign. In this case, we don't suspend the account, but it is important to use these warnings as an opportunity to assess what is causing them.

How to Avoid Abuse Warnings

If you notice an increase in abuse warnings after you send campaigns, it could mean that your list is stale. Stale addresses belong to subscribers have lost interest in your business or product, or forgotten they signed up for your list.

When you receive an abuse warning, look over your list and see if improvements can be made. Review our best practices and compliance tips to create a healthy list of subscribers who want to hear from you. Healthy lists lead to higher subscriber engagement, purchase activity, and return on investment.

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