About Timewarp Reports

Timewarp allows you to send your campaigns based on your subscriber's individual time zone. You can keep track of the status of your campaigns as they send to different time zones from the Reports page in your account.

From the Reports page, click on the title of the campaign you sent out with the Timewarp scheduling option then click the Timewarp heading on the report page.
Choose Time Warp option on reports pageWhen you Timewarp your campaigns, remember that campaigns might take 24 hours for all of it to get delivered, depending on how many time zones you're sending to.

At the bottom of your campaign's Timewarp map on this reports page, we break down how many subscribers on your list are in each time zone and the status of their campaign.

Within each time zone, you can see how many are still pending for future delivery. Hover over each time zone to get the status of your campaign.

See delivery times for each timezone

Campaign stats like opens, clicks, and bounces will show up in your campaign report as your campaign is delivered to each time zone.

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