Add Product Recommendations to a Campaign

After you connect your online store to Mailchimp, we'll track your subscribers' purchases so you can recommend products based on their purchase activity. Insert a Product Recommendation content block in any campaign or automation to encourage repeat purchases at your online store.

In this article, you'll learn how to include Product Recommendations in a campaign.

Before You Start

  • Product Recommendations are available to users who connect a supported e-commerce store or custom API 3.0 integration. To find out if your store supports this feature, visit the Connected Sites page.
  • You'll need to connect your store with Mailchimp and turn on e-commerce link tracking before we can generate recommendations for your subscribers. Custom API 3.0 integration users may have to wait up to 7 days after a store is connected before recommendations are generated.
  • To generate recommendations, your connected store must meet certain purchase data requirements. If a store doesn't have enough purchase data, or a subscriber hasn't made a purchase yet, we'll display your store's top sellers instead. To learn more, take a look at our About Product Recommendations article.

Insert a Product Recommendation Content Block

The simplest way to recommend products to your subscribers is to insert a Product Recommendation content block in your campaign. These flexible blocks can pull a product's title, price, and image into your campaign, and can be combined to promote up to 10 products. To encourage subscribers to make a purchase, include a button in your block that links to each product's page in your online store.

Use Product Recommendation Content Blocks

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