Find Your Campaign ID

To find the unique Mailchimp Campaign ID in an email, click “View Full Headers” in your email application. Since every email application is different, you might have to refer to your help files. Usually, if you do a search for “full email headers” or “full message headers,” you’ll find the instructions you need.

The Campaign ID contains information that allows our system to instantly remove you from the sender’s list, but we don’t tell the sender that you complained. It also sends an alert to our abuse desk, so we can investigate the sender.

The following image shows where the Campaign ID is located when a campaign’s full headers are displayed.

The Mailchimp Campaign ID's purpose is two-fold. We want to make it crystal clear to the recipient that the campaign came from Mailchimp, and provide a means to report abuse directly to our abuse center. The Campaign ID tells us which campaign is causing the problem and allows us to investigate, in case the user is violating our Terms of Use.

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