Getting Started with Integrations

To enhance your MailChimp account with special features and add-ons, try an integration. MailChimp connects to outside sites and services with tools called integrations, which are plugins you can install in your account.

In this article, you'll learn how integrations can help you meet your email marketing goals.

About Integrations

If you think of your MailChimp account as a new appliance that you just unwrapped, integrations are all the optional bells and whistles that you can attach to the appliance to make it perform specialized tasks.

Right out of the box, your MailChimp account allows you to manage the three main components of email marketing—your list, content, and results.

Integrations can make these tasks faster, simpler, and often, more powerful.

All integrations are completely optional, and most are free. You don't typically need coding skills or advanced programming knowledge to set them up.

What Integrations Can Do

Use integrations to add subscribers, sync your data, import content, and see how your campaigns perform. MailChimp integrates with many popular services including Google, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, and hundreds more.

In many cases, integrations help you streamline processes from one application to another, and often share statistics or other data stored in MailChimp subscriber profiles.

Build Lists

Share signup forms on Facebook, or use our mobile app to capture subscriber info in person.

Manage and sync leads and contacts from Salesforce and other Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software.

Invite customers to sign up for your MailChimp list after they make a purchase from your online store.

Generate and Track Revenue

Encourage subscribers to make purchases, and find out how much revenue your campaigns generate.

Target contacts with sales-boosting ad campaigns on Facebook.

Engage Subscribers

Share campaigns on social media.

Send interactive surveys to subscribers.

Enhance Reports and Tracking

Research how MailChimp campaigns impact your website's traffic.

Now that you know about integrations, view and connect integrations in your account, or read about other integration options.

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