I'm getting bounce reports when people try to sign up to my list.

When an email cannot be delivered, it's called a bounce. You might see some bounces when you send an email campaign, but they can also happen when someone tries to sign up for your list.

In this article, you'll learn what could cause a bounce response to your signup form.

What happened?

When a person signs up for your list via the double opt-in process, they receive a confirmation email with a link to complete the signup. If the confirmation email cannot be delivered, the email will bounce, which stops the signup process.

A bounce notice can often be identified by this opening line: "Hello, this is the PowerMTA mail server on s73419.mcserver02.net."

About Bounces

About Double Opt-In

A bounce response to a signup is commonly caused by one of two issues.

A spambot submitted bad data

This bounce occurs when a spambot creates a signup with fake information. Spambots are computer programs that collect email addresses to help send spam. They can locate your signup form and submit fake information to your list.

If you think the bounce notice is related to a spambot, you can test this by sending an email to the bounced address with a message like “We noticed you tried to sign up for our mailing list. While confirming your email address, we received a bounce notice. Did you need additional assistance?"

If you receive a second bounce notice in return, it is likely a bot or an inactive address.

About Fake Signups

A person entered an incorrect email address

This bounce is caused by typos in an email address.

Look carefully at the bounced email address to see if you can identify a typo. Often these will be scrambled letters or misspelled domain names.

If you find a typo, send an email from your personal email address to the correct address and let them know about the error. They may want to resubmit their information or have you manually add them to your list.

Add a Single Subscriber to a List

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