Lotus Notes Tips

Lotus Notes may not always display HTML emails as expected. Instead, they may display HTML emails in their proprietary rich-text format. If you have a large number of recipients on your list who you know will be checking email in Lotus Notes, you should make sure your email design is compatible with Lotus Notes. In this article, we'll walk you through a few helpful tips.

Designing for Lotus Notes

  • Use our *|ARCHIVE|* merge tag to automatically generate a link to the online version of your Mailchimp campaign. Subscribers can click this link to view your campaign directly in their web browsers.
  • Allow your subscribers to choose which version of your campaign they want to receive when they sign up to your list: HTML, Text, or Mobile. If they have difficulty viewing HTML email, they can select the Text option instead.
  • Keep your designs simple so that if they fail, your email is still readable.
  • We recommend testing your campaigns by sending directly to a Lotus Notes inbox. This will allow for more frequent and consistent testing.

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