MailChimp and CRMs

MailChimp is a powerful marketing automation platform, that helps you create and send great-looking marketing communications—including emails. Customer relationship (CRM) applications aggregate customer or prospect data to help you generate and track sales leads.

Although some CRMs offer an email marketing component and MailChimp analyzes certain data about your subscribers, the two applications should not be used interchangeably. However, for many businesses, it makes sense to use both a CRM and a marketing automation platform.

Use MailChimp with a CRM

If your CRM aggregates data from all your communications channels, you may want to connect it with MailChimp. That way, we can send details about your contacts and their interactions with your campaigns back to your CRM database. Depending on the CRM integration you use, you may also be able to create lists and segments in MailChimp based on queries in your CRM.

If you aren't using a CRM yet, check out our Integrations Directory to see which applications already work together with MailChimp. Or, contact your developer or hire a MailChimp Expert for assistance creating a custom integration for the CRM you choose.

Integrations Directory
Getting Started with Integrations
MailChimp Experts Directory

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