My design is stretched and won't center

When a campaign appears stretched or doesn't center properly, it's usually because a portion of the content is wider than the template content area, but there are some other common culprits. Below, we'll go over some of these common issues and provide troubleshooting tips.

DPI Settings

We've seen that display DPI settings can affect how Outlook 2007, in particular, displays images. Yes, really. If you have non-standard DPI settings for your computer, Outlook 2007 will display those images larger or smaller than their actual size. This can be resolved by adjusting your display settings. Try a Google search for changing DPI settings.

Microsoft Rendering

Newer versions of Outlook (2007 and 2010, for example) use Word to render HTML, and Word doesn't recognize the HTML needed to constrain images. So if you've uploaded an image to a template or campaign, and resized it using HTML, it may display at the original size in Outlook. To avoid this, resize your images before uploading them to MailChimp or use the built-in image editor.

Unbroken Characters

If you have a long string of unbroken characters, like a long link, or a really really long word, it can end up wider than the content area where it's being displayed. For links in your HTML version, you can create a shorter bit of text, such as a quick description of the link, and link that text to the really long URL using the link creator in the content editor toolbar. Another alternative is to use a link shortener tool, but use these with caution.

Large Image Stretching Content

When you add an image to an editable image area when using a MailChimp template, we'll automatically resize the image to the recommended size and width to avoid stretching your campaign. If you've inserted an image into a text area, though, your image could be wider than the text area, and cause it to stretch so that the body appears wider than the header image. You can fix this by resizing your images using a photo editor, or by using the built-in image editor.

Padding on Images in Templates

Some areas in predesigned Themes templates have padding by default. If you've added an image that is wider than the default image, the padding may make the image look like it's stretching things. In this case, it's best to resize the image using the built-in image editor.

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