Resolve the Broken Conditional Block Alert

Sometimes, when you create an email campaign, you may see an alert about a broken conditional block. Most often, you'll see this because of small edits made to the Footer content block. If you're using custom merge tag blocks, you might also see this error.

Mailchimp’s built-in footer automatically inserts required content into your campaign, like your audience name, address, and unsubscribe link. But if certain parts of the content are removed, the footer can break.

In this article, you’ll learn how to resolve the broken conditional block alert for campaign footers.

Resolve the Alert

If you have a broken conditional block in your campaign, you’ll see this alert in the Content section of the Campaign Builder.

Click Edit Design to return to your campaign and find the broken conditional block. We use the IF/END:IF construction to display several things in the footer, so if you've accidentally removed one of those tags, you may see the error.

Here’s how the footer should appear:

Footer content

To fix the error, either add what’s needed, or insert a new footer content block and delete the old one. We’ll include the correct footer content automatically. After you’re done, be sure to preview and test your updated footer to make sure everything looks OK. When you’re ready to send, the error should be gone.

Other Conditional Tags

Conditional merge tags aren’t only for email footers. Add your own conditional merge tag blocks to a campaign to target pieces of your content to subscribers who meet certain criteria. Depending on what you want to achieve, merge tag blocks can become very complex, so it's important to understand how the code works and to test your campaign thoroughly each time.

Use Conditional Merge Tag Blocks

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