Tips for Daily Senders

When you send daily email campaigns, you run into challenges that less frequent senders don't worry about as often. Your campaigns are more often scrutinized by spam filters, and you have to create content that is engaging to your subscribers every day.

In this article, you'll find tips for daily sending.


  • Keep your content clean and spam-filter friendly.
    Your campaigns will pass through spam filters more frequently and be under closer scrutiny than most.
  • Send amazing and compelling content.
    ISPs are creating tools that put more power in the hands of your subscribers. Low open rates could hurt your chances of reaching the inbox next time.
  • Send to segments of your list by content.
    Instead of sending the same long email to everyone, send relevant content to segments of similar subscribers.
  • Revise your list-collection strategy.
    Be very clear with everyone who signs up that they will receive a daily email. Subscribers who aren't expecting your email are more likely to mark it as spam.
  • Send at off-peak times.
    This is between 7pm and 8am for your time zone. This article has additional guidelines on finding your best send time.

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