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Mailchimp's paid plans are designed to help you scale your marketing efforts once you reach more than 2,000 total subscribers.

Choose between two paid plan options: Monthly and Pay As You Go. Our Monthly Plan is designed for users who send at least one email campaign per month, while our Pay As You Go Plan is designed for users who send less frequently than once per month.

In this article, you'll learn how to upgrade your account.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • To determine what type of plan is the best value for you, use our billing calculator to estimate your costs for a Monthly or Pay As You Go Plan.
  • You'll need Owner or Admin permissions to upgrade an account to a paid plan.
  • When you upgrade to a paid plan, the upgrade is immediate and you lose any remaining credits that you had while on the Forever Free plan.

Features of Paid Plans

When you upgrade from Forever Free to Monthly or Pay As You Go, you gain access to these paid account features:

  • Advanced forms
    The ability to fully customize signup forms and response emails.
  • Predicted Demographics
    Uses data science to predict the gender and age of your contacts. Predicted Demographics is included with Mailchimp Pro, and is available to paid users who connect their online store.
  • Send Time Optimization Helps you take the guesswork out of deciding when to send an email campaign. This feature automatically determines the ideal sending time for each subscriber on your list.
  • Social Profiles
    An additional paid add-on that gathers social data about your list subscribers, such as whether they are on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Timewarp
    The ability to send email campaigns to subscribers based on their time zones.
  • Support
    Paid accounts can access 24/7 help from our customer support team.

Additional Monthly Features

  • Address Finder A tool that checks your list and provides Mailchimp with missing addresses to send more postcards on your behalf.
  • Inbox Preview
    A tool that shows how your email campaign will look in different desktop and mobile email clients. Pro users get 100 tokens to run previews per billing cycle, while Monthly Plans get 25 tokens per billing cycle.

How to Upgrade in Account Settings

You can purchase a paid plan at any time by changing your billing plan on the Billing page in your account.

To upgrade or change your plan, follow these steps.

  1. Click to open the Billing Plan page in your account settings.
  2. Click the radio button next to the plan type you want to purchase. We'll display the monthly rate based on the number of subscribers currently in your account.

    Click Pay As You Go to expand the list of available credit packages.
    payg changes current
  3. Review your transaction in the right sidebar, and add or edit your payment method.
    Screen of total billing sidebar.
  4. Type in your CVV, and click Complete Purchase.

How to Upgrade When Importing a List

To upgrade your account from an existing Monthly Plan to a higher Monthly Plan, you must import a list that raises your subscriber total above your current plan limit. This type of upgrade is not available on the Settings page because you only pay when the size of your list makes it necessary to upgrade.

When the number of subscribers in a list import exceeds the total number of subscribers allowed by your current plan, your plan is upgraded automatically, and we send a confirmation email to the account owner and any admins.

What Happens When You Upgrade

When you upgrade to a paid plan, any remaining sends from the Forever Free Plan don't carry over. Those are intended only for trial purposes or sending to 2,000 subscribers or fewer. If you're choosing a Monthly Plan, select the plan that matches your list size.

If you are currently on a Monthly Plan and switch to the Pay As You Go Plan, the change will occur immediately.

The switch from a Pay As You Go Plan to a Monthly Plan starts the monthly billing process immediately. If there are remaining Pay As You Go credits, they'll be converted into MonkeyRewards credits and immediately applied to the Monthly Plan being purchased. If any credits remain after the initial purchase of the Monthly Plan, we will use the credits on the next monthly bill.

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