Use the Combine Lists Tool

If possible, we always recommend you combine your lists to one master list organized with groups. This eliminates the need for duplicate contacts across lists, which can reduce the cost of your Mailchimp plan and streamline your contact management.

In this article, you'll learn how to combine lists with our built-in combine list tool.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • There are a few ways you can combine lists in Mailchimp. Make sure this is the option that best suits your needs before you begin.
  • List actions are permanent, so we recommend you back up your lists before you combine. Keeping a backup is a safeguard, in case you change your mind or something goes wrong.
  • Tag data is not moved over to your new list when you combine. If you have tagged contacts in your old list, you'll need to re-apply tags after you move them to your master list.
  • Only subscribed contacts will be moved over to the master list. Cleaned or unsubscribed contacts will not be added to the master list.
  • All custom list field data will be carried over to your master list, but list statistics and contact system data are not included. For example, open and click rates, opt-in time stamps, and signup source won’t be brought over to your master list.
  • After you use a list for a campaign, you’ll need to wait seven days to combine lists. We place an automatic hold on bulk list actions for seven days after that list has been used with a campaign.
  • If you’ve created a welcome automation for your master list, the combine lists tool will trigger the automation for all contacts moved over from the original list. To combine lists without triggering the automation, pause the welcome automation, combine your lists, then edit the workflow to manually remove the contacts from the old list.

Combine Lists

After you've backed up your lists and exported any data you want to keep, you're ready to merge your lists.

To combine your lists, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to the list you want to combine with your master list, and choose Combine lists. For example, if you have a list called "New Alumni," and you want to combine it with a master list called "Hathaway Alumni," you'll click the drop-down next to your "New Alumni" list.
    image of drop-down menu showing combine lists option
  3. In the Combine List pop-up modal, click the drop-down menu, and choose your master list. If you've set up groups to organize your master list, check the box next to the group(s) you want to add these contacts to.
  4. Click Next.
    image of pop-up modal showing dropdown menu and group checkboxes
  5. Type CONFIRM and click Combine Lists.
    Combine list modal image

Repeat this process for each of the lists you want to combine.

Next Steps

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