View Multivariate Campaign Reports

Mailchimp Pro's Multivariate Campaign reports allow you to compare your test combinations to see how different variations impact your results. You'll get an overview of basic statistics, like open and click rate, for each combination and variation all in one place. Or, drill down for even more reporting data in the individual combination reports. You can also view how well your links performed in different content variations.

Multivariate Campaigns and reports are included with Mailchimp Pro, which is available to add on to any pricing plan.

View Multivariate Campaign Reports

This report displays overall statistics for your Multivariate Campaign, like open and click rates, and a table with combination results. If you tested multiple variables, you'll also see a table with variable results.

To view your Multivariate Campaign report, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Reports page.
  2. Click View Report for the Multivariate Campaign you want to work with.

Combination Results

This table gives an overview of the statistics for each combination.
Example of Combination Results table showing two combinations that test content and their statistics.
The number that appears after your open and click rate is a confidence interval, which is similar to a margin of error. It allows you to understand the best and worst open and click rate that should be expected as data collects in your report over time. The confidence interval is smaller and more accurate for larger recipient sizes and as the report collects more data.

In the example, the first combination has an open rate of 66.5% with an interval of +/- 3%. As more data collects in the report, we can expect an open rate between 63.5% and 69.5%. The second combination has an open rate of 53.7% with an interval of +/- 4.2%, so the open rate will be between 49.5% and 57.9%. This means the first combination will always have a higher open rate.


The confidence interval is based on an 80% confidence level. This means we are 80% sure that the open or click rate will fall within the indicated confidence interval.

Variable Results

If you tested multiple variables, you'll see the Results per Variable table, which shows the average open and click rates for each variation of your chosen variables.
Results per variable table, showing variations of From name and Subject line and their statistics.

Results When Winner Was Selected

For campaigns that sent a winning combination as opposed to campaigns that sent combinations to all your recipients at once, you'll see an additional drop-down menu above the Combination results table.

Click the Time frame of results drop-down menu, and choose When winner was selected to see an overview of the statistics for each of your test combinations at the time the winning combination was chosen.

Drop-down menu with Current and When winner was selected options, with cursor clicking When winner was selected.

View Combination Reports

Combination reports show the report data for each combination, and include the same statistics that you'd find in a regular campaign report.

To view your combination reports, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Reports page.
  2. Click View Report for the Multivariate Campaign you want to work with.
  3. In the Combinations results table, scroll right and click View report for the combination report you want to view.

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