Where Google Remarketing Ads are Displayed

A retargeting ad runs on Google's Display Network, and is created and purchased through Mailchimp. Retargeting ads follow your customers around the web and display to them based on their unique browsing habits. Ads can display on major retail websites, local and national newspaper pages, and even popular mobile apps.

In this article, you'll learn more about where your retargeting ads will display.

Where Retargeting Ads are Displayed

After you've built and submitted your Google remarketing ad in Mailchimp's Ad Builder, your ad will follow your website visitors around the internet and display on other sites while they're browsing.

The ad can show up anywhere on the Google Display Network. The Display Network is a collection of over a million websites, apps, videos, blogs, and other online destinations that show Google ads.

1. Track2. Monitor3. Display4. Retarget
When you build your ad, Mailchimp installs Google's remarketing tracking code on your website.Google uses this tracking code to monitor online browsing habits of the people who visit your site.Later, your website visitors see your retargeting ads on participating Google Display Network sites all over the web.People who see your ads on webpages, apps, and mobile sites can click the ad go back to your store or site!

Restricted Sites

To ensure that your ad viewers have a good experience, Mailchimp restricts ad display on certain categories of websites that do not fit our Acceptable Use Policy.

If one of your retargeting ads is displayed on a site that may violate our Acceptable Use Policy, please let our Technical Support team know so we can review the site.

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