Design emails & landing pages, fast. Flexible nocode editor. Over 1200 email templates. Reusable blocks, versions, comments & 1-click push to Mailchimp.

BEE Content Design, Inc.

Design beautiful emails & export them to MailChimp. Start from over 1,200 professionally-designed email templates, or create your own & use them again. BEE Pro is a complete email design suite that makes the creation process faster, more flexible, and more fun. You can design landing pages with it too.

  • Save hours on email production by saving and reusing content.
  • Push to Mailchimp with one click. Supports multiple Mailchimp accounts.
  • Enjoy design freedom with our no-code visual builder.
  • Add rows with a different number of columns.
  • Create multiple users with different roles and permissions.
  • Restrict access to certain projects and/or certain content.
  • Collaborate, review and approve, all in one place.
  • Forget rendering issues in email clients: we're on it!


Bee PRO-1

Email design is fun again :-)

Creating email messages that look great and meet your branding needs doesn't have to be a headache. With BEE things like adding background images to a row, resizing a logo, or changing the look of a button are quick and easy. Let your imagination run free.

Bee PRO - 2

Why use BEE Pro with MailChimp

BEE provides fantastic email design flexibility. Add new rows to a message, each with a different number of columns. Copy and rearrange content quickly. Leverage granular control on padding, spacing, borders, and smart features like "Do not stack on mobile".

Bee PRO - 3

How it works

Quickly connect BEE Pro to your MailChimp account. Then, whenever you're done designing, just select MailChimp as the export destination. The email will be saved as a new template, and it will appear in your account within seconds.

People use BEE Pro with Mailchimp because of the extreme design flexibility provided by the no-code visual builder. The video shows examples of that: add & remove rows and columns, use Mobile Design Mode to create content directly in mobile view, etc.

Another reason to use BEE Pro with Mailchimp is strong collaboration tools: the video shows how easy it is for multiple people to provide or receive feedback that is specific to individual pieces of content when collaborating on an email or a landing page.