Email verification for Mailchimp. Cleans your audience from undeliverable email addresses in no time. Protects your Sign-up forms from invalid contacts.

Connect your Mailchimp account with Bouncer to verify your email addresses in 3 simple steps. Our integration will help you in identifying undeliverable and risky emails within your Audience, and allow you to easily export your clean data back to Mailchimp! Thanks to this integration, you will be able to keep your inbox placement and email ROI at the top score.

Use our real-time line script for your Maichimp form, and verify email addresses at the moment of entry. Real-time email verification means no more mistyped and fake email addresses. Say no more to a loss of potential customer or subscriber due to typos, and start collecting only real contacts with Bouncer!


Knowledge Base Email

Image of verification of audience e-mail addresses

Verify your Audience's email addresses

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Seamlessly export Results to Mailchimp

Image of Bouncer logo and the text email verification done right, so you can focus on your business

Protect your Sign-up forms from invalid contacts