Subscribe/Update Mailchimp lists while reading emails in Office 365 clients.
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Davton-Subscribe for office 365 will let you check and subscribe contact details as you read emails in an Outlook client attached to Office 365.

Subscribe email senders to your Mailchimp lists as your read email. Check and update contact details. Check if sender is subscribed View the contact details stored in the list Subscribe the sender to a list Add contact details as you subscribe Subscribe any email recipient

Davton-Subscribe is a new kind of add-in designed for Office 365. Use it in your browser with Outlook Web App, and on your desktop with Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016.

Install the add-in via the ‘Manage add-ins’ setting of your Office 365 web interface by simply pasting the URL for the Mailchimp-Subscribe manifest file.

Davton-Subscribe is brought to you by Davton Ltd who also make the desktop plugin to sync Outlook and Mailchimp.

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