Be a smarter marketer with Mailchimp

Our optimization tools make it easy to see what’s working (and what’s not) so you can focus your efforts. The more you do with Mailchimp, the more data you have to work with.

Get to know your audience

Learn more about your people, so you can show them more of what they care about.

Take action on your insights

We help translate your data into insights that you can apply to your marketing.

Learn from your campaigns

Get a clearer picture of how to improve your marketing with every campaign.

It’s all in the data

We make it easy to optimize your marketing. Our tools work together to turn data about your audience into insights you can use to personalize your marketing.


Use insights about your contacts to send more targeted messages.

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A/B testing

Test campaign subject lines, images, and more to see what gets results.

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Get a detailed breakdown of how your campaigns are performing.

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Use your data to unlock insights for more personalized marketing.

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“It’s not always obvious what’s going to resonate best with our customers, but with Mailchimp, we’ve been able to identify a strategy that doubled our engagement and revenue.”

Wombi Rose, co-founder of Lovepop

See his approach to A/B testing