MailChimp Personalization

When you send your customers content that matters to them, you improve engagement, sell more stuff, and increase ROI. MailChimp’s personalization tools give you the keys to unlock valuable, actionable insights into the behavioral and demographic patterns of your customers that you can’t find anywhere else.

E-Commerce personalization

MailChimp’s powerful e-commerce tools help you learn more about your customers and target them with the content they care about. Connect your store to send timely product recommendations, and automatically follow-up if your customers abandon their cart or complete a purchase.

Product recommendations

Product recommendations paid feature

Use data from prior purchases to suggest similar products that your customers will love.

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Predicted Demographics

Predicted Demographics pro feature

Create relevant, engaging emails using our gender and age predictions, then apply those insights across your other marketing platforms or ad campaigns.

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Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation

Target customers by signup date, engagement and purchase history, location, and more. Then, send content that matters to them.

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E-commerce Automation

E-commerce Automation paid feature

Deliver relevant information to your customers when they need it with MailChimp’s customizable Automation workflows.

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Abandoned cart paid feature

Remind your customers what they’ve left behind, and give them a reason to come back.

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Abandoned cart

Behavioral personalization

Give your customers the content they want, determined by their previous actions. Analyze purchase history, monitor website activity, and identify engagement patterns with MailChimp’s powerful tracking features. Then, automatically send helpful follow-up messages triggered by their behavior.

Automation paid feature

Build a series of emails that are triggered by a specific event and send over a period of time.

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Goal paid feature

Track your customers from your email to your website, and then engage them based on activity.

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Send Time Optimization paid feature

We analyze the click activity of your subscribers to determine the best time to send your campaign.

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Timewarp paid feature

Schedule your campaign to send at the same time across different time zones.

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Preferences personalization

MailChimp gives you the power to create a unique, personalized email experience that looks great no matter where your subscribers read it. When your customers select their interests and subscription preferences, you can send them dynamic, relevant content based their location or the data you’ve collected.

Merge tags

Use subscriber data to add personalized, dynamic content your campaign.

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Segment your list based on the location of your subscribers.

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Responsive Design

Create mobile-friendly templates with MailChimp’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

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Subscriber profiles

Your subscribers can choose preferences at signup and easily adjust them at any time.

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