Always Home

Written by Fanny Singer
Always Home

In this extraordinarily intimate portrait, Fanny Singer, daughter of food icon Alice Waters, chronicles a unique world of food, wine, and travel.

Across dozens of vignettes with accompanying recipes, she shares the story of her own culinary coming of age and reveals a never-before-seen side of her legendary mother. Translating Waters’s ideals for a new generation, Singer presents a loving look at a life defined in so many ways by food, as well as the bond between mother and daughter.

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Fanny Singer

Fanny Singer is a writer, editor, and co-founder of the design brand, Permanent Collection. In 2013, she received a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge. In 2015, she and her mother, Alice Waters, published My Pantry which she also illustrated. She travels widely, contributing to a number of publications including Frieze, The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Apartamento, T Magazine, and Art Papers, among others.