Welcome to The Last Bookstore

Directed by Chad Howitt

In downtown Los Angeles, an independent bookshop attempts to keep the printed book alive in a world of digital downloads.

Through countless ups and downs, The Last Bookstore has never wavered from its mission to keep the printed book alive. This uncertainty has always been a part of the shop's DNA, but its continued triumphs are a testament to our collective love of the humble hardcopy. As The Last Bookstore reopens in the wake of L.A.'s lockdown, this portrait of its staff and community remains as inspiring as ever. They say it best: "What Are You Waiting For? We Won't Be Here Forever."

Required Reading Companion Essay

Those who can, read. Those who can't, collect!

Five years after the film's release, The Last Bookstore owner Josh Spencer brings us up to speed on his daughter's reading habits.

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