What’s inside:

An in-depth look at Facebook Ad Campaigns in MailChimp. Topics include:

  • The advantages of advertising on Facebook
  • Determining your audience
  • Setting your budget
  • Writing effective ad copy
  • Choosing the right images
  • Understanding your ROI

Facebook ad campaigns in MailChimp are an easy way to promote your business, sell your products, and grow your audience. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create effective, scalable Facebook ad campaigns that benefit your business—and your bottom line.


“When you connect your store to MailChimp, we’ll be able to provide you with ROI for both your email and your Facebook ads. You can explore your reports and track sales from your ads or email at any time, and after the ad is finished running, you can view ROI data so you’ll always know which elements of your marketing are resonating with your audience.”