Walker Art Center's Email Teamwork

Before Walker Art Center's bi-weekly email newsletter goes out to more than 50,000 customers, various departments and a few dozen employees work on it. Collaboration is as essential to the Minneapolis institution's process as it is to MailChimp, so we visited the Gopher State to find out how the Walker team's many moving parts come together to make a big email every two weeks.

Billy Reid's Email-Based Sales and Stores

For luxury retailer, Billy Reid, MailChimp is more than just a way to let customers know about new products. They offer first dibs on sales to their most engaged readers, have unique ways of deciding the time of day to send their emails, and even base new brick-and-mortar store locations on their email zip code data. We visited Florence, Ala. and spoke with Billy Reid's director of e-commerce, Graham Heard, about how his company gets specific with email.

Betabrand’s Fashion-Forwardable Emails

Betabrand founder Chris Lindland initially used email as a stalling tactic. Faced with a glut of business, he needed a way to keep his new customers entertained while he frantically made the corduroy pants they ordered. Over time, his hilarious, distracting emails became the core of his company's motto: 99% fiction, 1% fashion. We visited Betabrand's San Francisco office to learn more about how they create great clothes and amusing campaigns.

Hugh MacLeod and the Social Object

Gapingvoid's Hugh MacLeod has been doodling on business cards since 1997. Since then, he's built an empire out of blog posts, art prints, books, and daily emails. We visited the cartoonist and author in his Miami office to see how he makes art and to talk about the origin of the Social Object. In this video, he shows us his process and explains why Social Objects are the future of marketing.