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Making Automation Personal with Abandoned Cart Postcards

How Frankie & Myrrh are using the features to turn friendly reminders into conversions.

Photo of Owner Kim Wong

For most folks, selling aromatherapy and its health benefits doesn’t come easy. But the team at Frankie & Myrrh aren’t like the rest of us. To compete in a multibillion-dollar industry, the San Francisco-based business makes their marketing fun, bold, and personable. We visited Frankie & Myrrh to find out how using automations in combination with abandoned cart postcards helps them turn friendly reminders into money.

Avoiding what they call the “pseudoscience” of aromatherapy and essential oils, the branding for Frankie & Myrrh includes blunt product names like Fight Foot Funk, Road Rage Reducer, and Hippie Go Lucky. For their marketing, Co-Founder Kim Wong says she wants all of the communications to mirror that straightforward approach and the personal feel of in-store customer interactions.

When Creative Marketing Director Luis Nunez was brought on board, the first thing he did was turn on their product retargeting emails. An email campaign targeting existing customers with a promo code tied to shopping holidays had been accidentally switched off.

“Six months to the day after we had mistakenly turned it off, we saw online sales went way down,” Kim says. Luis says once the automation was turned back on, the sales went up.

Kim Wong showing products to Jay at her store.

Using the success of the retargeting emails for their current audience as inspiration, Luis developed a plan for new customers as well. He has a welcome automation, which includes a landing page. Using button content blocks on the page, Luis writes different calls-to-action that speak to their customers’ potential aromatherapy needs. If the customer wants to “chill, unwind or sleep,” they are directed to the corresponding sprays and rollies. If the customer wants to “be awake and alert” they are sent to links for those products in the online store. The strategies are working, but Luis says what really gets him excited is the marketing potential with postcards.

“We had always talked about doing direct mail marketing to advertise, but when Mailchimp came out with their postcards feature, we were like, ‘Oh, yeah, this is perfect,’” he says. “It’s so easy.”

With this mind, Luis has an abandoned cart postcard recipe he’s using with positive results. Here’s how it works:

Illo of a shopping cart with a head inside of it.

The tools: Abandoned cart email + abandoned cart postcards.

In his first postcards campaign, Luis sent an abandoned cart reminder to 45 customers that left the site with items still in their shopping bag.

Animal arm dunking basketball.

The results: Conversion success.

In 1 week, Luis saw a conversion rate of 4.4% for the abandoned cart postcards from the first campaign. Within 2 months, at least 3% of customers from the lookalike audience used the promo code from the postcard to make an online purchase.

“Anyone can send an email and say, ‘Hey, recover your cart,’ but it's really special when we send out a physical card,” Luis says. “It adds to the customer experience—and it's pretty good for business, too.”

Illo of person holding hands with a cat.

The goal: Keep recurring customers engaged with a personal touch.

Because Frankie & Myrrh already has success with abandoned cart emails, Luis figures, why not apply the same approach to the mailbox? “Direct mail definitely strengthens the bond between us and our customers, and that’s how businesses grow,” he says.

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