From Cellar to Cyberspace: A Delicate Balance for a Boutique Brand

As important as it is to honor tradition in the wine industry, it’s equally important to adapt to new ways of doing things. Fogarty Wine Group chose Elkfox to bring its business into the digital world in a thoughtful, deliberate way.

Educating Clients on the Importance of Trust

In our second issue featuring Paul Jarvis, we dig into the importance of building trust with your clients and subscribers.

Selling in Email Happens Through Stories

We connect with Paul Jarvis, creator of Fixtail and owner of ChimpEssentials, to learn more about how storytelling plays a key role in email marketing.

How One Agency Switched Their Focus and Redefined Their Value

With the growth of any company, there arise some questions about the driving intent and purpose of the work that's being done. Vital Agency shares how they have leveraged growing their client base along with refining their purpose within the agency world.

Models of Possibility: How Maurice Cherry Found (and Shared) His Path to Success

Maurice Cherry, founder of the multidisciplinary studio Lunch, never planned to start his own business. He just wanted to do work that didn’t make him miserable.

A Good Kind of Weird: HAWRAF

HAWRAF is weird. Not bad weird. More like, interesting weird. First, there's that name . . .

Their Own Code: The Weird, Wonderful World of Table Tr Td

Can email be art—a mode for unapologetically offbeat, norm-defying self-expression? Spend enough time with Table Tr Td and you’ll be hard pressed not to respond in the affirmative.

13 Wall-Worthy Tips for Facebook Ad Campaigns

Some advice is disposable: slips pulled from fortune cookies, the wisdom of Magic 8 Balls, unsolicited dating tips. But then there’s the wall-worthy advice—stuff so good you clip it out of magazines, scrawl it on Post-It notes, or print it at work. We recently spoke with the experts on MailChimp’s Facebook Ad Campaigns, and it yielded some seriously wall-worthy advice.

Unstuck in Time: A Case Study

Some industries get stuck in the past. Mike Gottfried of Eastmont Group discovered this while conducting a competitive analysis for MyPorter, a self-storage company located in Atlanta. But MyPorter’s model was different. And the challenge was to make sure people knew it.

How to Win the Brand vs. Retailer War

Today the physical retail space is no longer the primary battleground for brands. And increasingly, it’s the enemy. Just ask Dennis Ngin, chief operating officer of e-commerce strategy and development agency ExpandLab.

How to Fix Your Broken Newsletter

Just because your first attempt at a newsletter didn’t do so hot doesn’t mean you’re out of the game. To help you regain your footing, we talked to an agency that’s been there, done that — and tried again.

15 Ways to Win at Writing Email

There is nowhere on the internet more intimate than our inboxes. In talking with Copy Hackers co-founder Joanna Wiebe, this truth revealed itself again and again.

On Choosing Clients and Making E-Commerce Beautiful

Natasha Murphy and Lexi Stout have formed a strong professional bond over the past year, working together on more than 25 Shopify e-commerce sites. Their partnership is emblematic of a larger trend in Atlanta we’ve explored in this series — creative entrepreneurs who are building businesses that celebrate collaboration.

The Sweet Spot Between Freelancer and Agency

MailChimp makes things similarly easy for online retailers, designer Sarah Hutto says. “It pretty much tells you, ‘Hey, this is what you should be doing.’ You have to work hard to mess up a MailChimp campaign.”

Tis the Season for Holiday Campaigns

Summer is more than over (in fact, we’re in the middle of PSL season) which means if you’re an agency, a retail store, or an e-commerce business, it’s crunch time. It’s also the time of the year when MailChimp’s marketing team unveils a new wreathful of holiday tips. It’s become something of a ritual here — a little like bringing up the ornaments from the basement.