Guiding Green Press to Online Success

Green Press wanted to share their passion for healthy eating with people all over the world. They knew they had to go beyond being a location-based business—and they’d need a partner to make the leap to e-commerce.

Issue #92: Featuring High Road Craft

How High Road Craft scales for national distribution.

From Cellar to Cyberspace: A Delicate Balance for a Boutique Brand

As important as it is to honor tradition in the wine industry, it’s equally important to adapt to new ways of doing things. Fogarty Wine Group chose Elkfox to bring its business into the digital world in a thoughtful, deliberate way.

Strong, Swift, and Smart: The Elements of Elkfox

Elkfox's mission for its clients is to “make things that look good, feel good, and work as they should.” Here's how they use MailChimp and Shopify to do just that.

Strategy Secrets of the MailNinja Masters

MailNinja has been helping e-commerce clients increase revenue for the last 12 years. Founder Doug Dennison shares some of his hard-earned email marketing wisdom with us.

9 Tips for Designing Landing Pages that Convert

Here are 9 easy tips to help you design beautiful landing pages that inspire people to buy your products or subscribe to your list.

Why MailChimp for E-commerce? Let MailNinja Explain

Doug Dennison, of UK-based agency MailNinja, talks about how he pitches MailChimp to e-commerce clients—and why.

Making Bread: A Case Study in Moving Beyond Seasonality

How would you help an online kosher bakery improve their sales outside the holiday season? Small Biz Triage started with their client's campaign data.

How to Build a Better Black Friday Campaign

If you want your email campaign to stand out, how do you compete against other retailers flooding inboxes? Small Biz Triage know what works.

The Unapologetically Human Approach of Small Biz Triage

Small Biz Triage has learned a lot about what works to move customers. The key to doing e-commerce well? Letting go of being perfectly polished.

Buying In: Build Better Sales with Email

Heral Patel shares tips and tricks on what works for his agency's clients, what doesn’t, and why the most important factor in selling online may be trust.

Sell Better: How AnnexCore Helps Clients Win at E-Commerce

Heral Patel, founder of digital agency AnnexCore, shares insights on how to leverage e-commerce tools and marketing automations to help client's sell more.

MailChimp for E-Commerce

Learn to get the most out of MailChimp to grow your e-commerce business.

Delectable Data: A Case Study in Data-Driven Email Lists

Content and commerce have always had an uneasy relationship. Such was the challenge for Southern Kitchen, a site that celebrates dining and entertaining in the modern South. To solve the problem, Southern Kitchen’s team approached Atlanta-based digital agency FortyFour.

How to Win the Brand vs. Retailer War

Today the physical retail space is no longer the primary battleground for brands. And increasingly, it’s the enemy. Just ask Dennis Ngin, chief operating officer of e-commerce strategy and development agency ExpandLab.

On Choosing Clients and Making E-Commerce Beautiful

Natasha Murphy and Lexi Stout have formed a strong professional bond over the past year, working together on more than 25 Shopify e-commerce sites. Their partnership is emblematic of a larger trend in Atlanta we’ve explored in this series — creative entrepreneurs who are building businesses that celebrate collaboration.

Updating a Classic

The newest collection of ice creams from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, American Licks, is another great example how the brand combines commerce with storytelling.

Increasing Revenue Through Abandoned Cart Messaging and Incentives

We focus on the revenue-boosting benefits of incentivizing your campaigns and sending cart abandonment messages to your clients’ customers.

Issue #55: Featuring Sixthman

How Sixthman provides a stellar customer experience.

Issue #54: Featuring Elk Head

How Elk Head targets their best customers.

Issue #52: Featuring King of Pops

How King of Pops breaks the packaging mold.

Issue #51: Featuring Nock Co.

How Nock Co. manages supply and demand.

Issue #50: Featuring Local + Lejos

How Local + Lejos builds their global business.

Issue #49: Featuring Ben Medansky

How Ben Medansky's business survived a natural disaster.

Issue #48: Featuring This is Ground

The art of problem-solving with This is Ground.

Issue #47: Featuring Margaret Vera, Part 2

Margaret Vera's Facebook ad results are in!

Issue #46: Featuring Margaret Vera, Part 1

Setting up Facebook ads with Margaret Vera.

Issue #45: Featuring Lumi

How Lumi does the work so their customers don't have to.

Issue #44: Featuring Plywood People

How nonprofit Plywood People achieves sustainable growth.

Issue #43: Featuring Giant Robot

Advice from e-commerce veteran Giant Robot.

Issue #42: Featuring Sock Fancy

Running an online subscription service with Sock Fancy.

Issue #41: Featuring Nicobella Organics

How Nicobella Organics stays true to its mission.

Issue #40: Featuring So Worth Loving

How So Worth Loving marries community and commerce.

Issue #39: Featuring Khristian A. Howell

How PR has impacted Khristian A. Howell's business.