Issue #104: Featuring The Seaweed Bath Co.

Learn how The Seaweed Bath Co. increased sales using custom email templates.

How One Music Producer Balances His Business (and Life) with the MailChimp Mobile App

From recording music to taking care of his daughter, the MailChimp mobile app gives Tre Jackson the freedom to manage his business without putting his life on hold.

12 Email Predictions for 2018 from MailChimp Experts

We convened 3 of our most (fore)knowledgeable email marketing experts and asked them what they see in their crystal ball for 2018.

Strategy Secrets of the MailNinja Masters

MailNinja has been helping e-commerce clients increase revenue for the last 12 years. Founder Doug Dennison shares some of his hard-earned email marketing wisdom with us.

Making Bread: A Case Study in Moving Beyond Seasonality

How would you help an online kosher bakery improve their sales outside the holiday season? Small Biz Triage started with their client's campaign data.

How to Build a Better Black Friday Campaign

If you want your email campaign to stand out, how do you compete against other retailers flooding inboxes? Small Biz Triage know what works.

Getting Started with MailChimp

Learn how MailChimp can help you connect with your audience and take your marketing to the next level.

MailChimp for E-Commerce

Learn to get the most out of MailChimp to grow your e-commerce business.

Don’t Call it a Newsletter: Tips from Tobias van Schneider

Tobias von Schneider shares some invaluable insights on building your audience.

Science & Candy: A Recipe for Automation Success

Do a Google search and you’ll turn up more how-to articles on email automation than you can shake a rolled-up copy of your latest Google Analytics report at. Go ahead, bookmark them. Just don’t expect them to transform you into an automation ninja overnight.

Thirteen Pro-Tips for Email Design

We spoke with 3 of the most resourceful email design geeks we know and mined their brains for nuggets of wisdom. Here’s the best of what we found. Enjoy.

Embracing Email Design

Austin Woodall always wanted to be an artist. And in a way, he is. But instead of oils and pastels, his medium of choice is email.

The Evolution of Email Design

Matthew Smith, founder of Really Good Emails, sees change coming. “Disruption is just around the corner,” Matthew promises.

Email automation and your business

Paul Jarvis discusses MailChimp’s automation features, and how he uses them to do better business.

The Power of Personalization — How to Humanize your Email Efforts

“In email marketing,” Rockhouse’s Amanda Severs says, “segmentation, automation, and personalization are everything.” In our last issue, we dove into segmentation and automation. Now it’s time to dig in to personalization.

Defining Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

Learn how to advertise on Facebook. Create effective, scalable ad campaigns that benefit your business—and your bottom line.

Common Rookie Mistakes for Email Marketers

The most common mistakes made by new email marketers.

Email Marketing Field Guide

Learn the basics of creating email campaigns in MailChimp and best practices to consider when developing your email marketing plan.

Impact of Mobile Use on Email Engagement

Click rates vary by device, link placement, design responsiveness.

Effects of List Segmentation on Email Marketing Stats

Does list segmentation really help email marketing stats?

Subject Line Comparison

The best and worst open rates in MailChimp.

Email Marketing Benchmarks

Compare how your emails are doing with the average unique open, click, bounce, and abuse complaint rates for thousands of MailChimp users.