How to Build Your Email List

Email marketing helps you build a relationship with your customers. Here’s how to combine pop-up forms and Facebook ads to start growing your list in a few simple steps.

Issue #107: Featuring Triple Z Threadz and Limbo Jewelry

How Triple Z Threadz and Limbo Jewelry turned anniversaries into money.

The Inside Scoop on Landing Pages with Hom Sweet Hom

How a MailChimp landing page helped Lauren Hom bring awareness to her livestream series and drive signups for her online classes.

Issue #105: Featuring Highway Robery

How Highway Robery perfected their game-changing custom signup form recipe.

Why You Need Customer Reviews (and the Best Ways to Get Them)

Customer reviews give businesses the chance to see what’s working, get discovered by new customers, and sell more stuff. Here’s how to collect them.

Issue #99: Featuring Lekker Home

How Lekker Home personalizes their automations.

Issue #97: Featuring Smudge Ink

How Smudge Ink's product recommendation strategy increased overall engagement.

How a Lifestyle Brand Makes Lasting Connections with Welcome Emails sends a series of welcome automation emails to make sure new customers feel right at home.

Finc3 and Bringing the Future Into the Present

To help their client follow up with leads they were generating offline, Hamburg-based agency Finc3 had to get creative.

How Retargeting Ads Help Prendas Ciclismo Bring Back Shoppers and Find New Ones

Here’s how Google remarketing ads in MailChimp help one UK-based cycling company make customers out of the traffic they drive to their website.

How One Apparel Company Wins Customer Loyalty with Order Notifications

When TeesAndTankYou connected their store to MailChimp and enabled order notifications, it became a breeze to keep their customers engaged.

How One Small Business Made Retargeting Ads that Earned a 3,879 Percent ROI uses Google remarketing ads in MailChimp to build their brand's reputation on a limited budget.

Turn Window Shoppers into Customers with Product Retargeting Emails

Only 5% of customers who visit your site actually add items to their cart, so how can you account for all the people who don’t click the “add to cart” button?

Quick Hits: 10 More Insights from MailNinja

Trial and error was MailNinja's path to success. Skip some of the errors with their email marketing advice.

Issue #84: Featuring Live Love Polish

How Live Love Polish re-engages customers.

Strategy Secrets of the MailNinja Masters

MailNinja has been helping e-commerce clients increase revenue for the last 12 years. Founder Doug Dennison shares some of his hard-earned email marketing wisdom with us.

Issue #83: Featuring De Wine Spot

How De Wine Spot thanks first-time buyers.

Issue #82: Our Holiday Prep Special Edition

Holiday tips from Cheeky Peach and Little Barn Apothecary.

Issue #81: Featuring Cynthia Rybakoff

How Cynthia Rybakoff notifies customers.

How Retargeting Ads and Email Work Together

Like all great combos—think peanut butter and jelly, dinner and a movie, bacon and eggs—retargeting ads and email are better together. Here's how to use them to give your marketing a 1-2 punch.

How Henry’s House of Coffee Makes Customers Feel Like Family with Automation

From telling a story to recovering sales, automation helps Henry’s House of Coffee keep tradition alive.

Issue #80: Featuring Nice Laundry

How Nice Laundry recovers abandoned carts.

Issue #78: Featuring Simply Gum

How Simply Gum stays lean with retargeting ads.

Issue #77: Featuring Brooklyn Slate

How Brooklyn Slate finds similar customers with ads.

Issue #76: Featuring Cheese Grotto

How Cheese Grotto rewards their best customers.

Turn New Customers into Regulars with These 4 Automated Campaigns

A few easy ways to use automations to keep your customers coming back.

Issue #75: Featuring Baron Fig

How Baron Fig follows up with customers.

How Blink Built Its Business with Email Automation

How home security company Blink uses segmentation and email automations to keep their marketing relevant to their customers.

Issue #74: Featuring Hickies

How Hickies welcomes new customers.

Tips for Better Retargeting Campaigns

Best practices for creating effective retargeting ads, figuring out how much you should spend, and using your reports.

How to Make Retargeting Work for Your Business

Here are a few of the ways you can use retargeting ads alongside your other marketing channels to build your brand and sell more stuff.

What Is Retargeting?

If you sell stuff online, you know advertising plays a critical role in driving people to your website. But what if they aren’t ready to buy when they first find you?

Single Email or Series? Choosing the Most Effective Automation for Your Business

Take a closer look at data from 150,000 businesses that use MailChimp to compare single and multiple-email automations and learn which yields better results.

Identifying the Most Profitable Automations for E-Commerce Businesses

We analyzed the data of 150,000 businesses that use MailChimp to learn how much revenue each automation type has generated.

Combining Abandoned Cart Messaging and Product Recommendations

Product recommendations and abandoned cart emails work hand-in-hand. If you’re reminding a customer about something they forgot to buy, take the opportunity to suggest other things they’ll probably like to buy, too.

Our Best Tips for Designing Successful Automated Emails

Marketing automation is a great way to take some manual tasks off your plate while keeping your customers engaged. But how do you make your automated messages feel personal and relevant?

Exploring Abandoned Cart Strategy with Topo Designs

Topo Designs includes promo codes in their abandoned cart campaigns to increase average order value and drive sales.

How to Identify Your Best Email Automation Triggers

Discover the highest-value triggers for your automations and increase the response you get from your marketing activity.

Getting Started with MailChimp

Learn how MailChimp can help you connect with your audience and take your marketing to the next level.

Customer Retention Through Automation: A Case Study

Learn how Boston-based Vital Agency worked with their client, Blue Water Mortgage, to deal with a shifting market and helped them refocus and shape their overall communication strategy.

Crafting Better Automated Emails

Marketing isn't always an exact science and experimentation can certainly lead to some great breakthroughs. Vital Agency shares some insights on the importance of being open to trying new things and how to stray from convention when working with clients.

Fancy Footwork: Leading Clients Through Automation

Digital Impulse shares a case study with some invaluable insights on the importance of building trust with clients as well as having a thorough email marketing strategy before kicking things off.

The Big Prize: A Case Study in Automation

The team at Digital Impulse dives deeper into the world of email automation and shares some ways to get creative with content to help increase open rates. They also share how they have leveraged social media tools as part of an overall email marketing strategy.

MailChimp for E-Commerce

Learn to get the most out of MailChimp to grow your e-commerce business.

Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Reach out to your newest subscribers and customers to keep them engaged, improve retention, and cultivate lasting relationships.

Issue #67: Featuring Stringjoy

How Stringjoy saves time with automations.

Issue #63: Featuring Olfactif

How Olfactif markets their niche brand.

What Is Marketing Automation?

If you run a small business, it can be hard to stay connected with customers when you’re trying to keep up with everything else on your to-do list. That’s where marketing automation comes in.

How to Achieve Empathetic Automation

Savannah, Georgia has infused agency Gauge Interactive with people with a penchant for creativity and kindness — two of the most important ingredients for a successful automated email campaign.

Pass, Block, Tackle: A Case Study in Automation

Email automation plays a crucial role in how Gauge Interactive helps its e-commerce clients drive revenue and delight customers. We highlight how Gauge uses automation to guide clients to the end zone—over and over again.

Email automation and your business

Paul Jarvis discusses MailChimp’s automation features, and how he uses them to do better business.

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Email Segmentation and Automation

Getting the right messages in front of the right people is key for any strong email campaign. But segmentation is the key to making it happen consistently.

Increasing Revenue Through Abandoned Cart Messaging and Incentives

We focus on the revenue-boosting benefits of incentivizing your campaigns and sending cart abandonment messages to your clients’ customers.

Defining Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

Learn how to advertise on Facebook. Create effective, scalable ad campaigns that benefit your business—and your bottom line.