Crafting Better Automated Emails

Marketing isn't always an exact science and experimentation can certainly lead to some great breakthroughs. Vital Agency shares some insights on the importance of being open to trying new things and how to stray from convention when working with clients.

Fancy Footwork: Leading Clients Through Automation

Digital Impulse shares a case study with some invaluable insights on the importance of building trust with clients as well as having a thorough email marketing strategy before kicking things off.

How Digital Impulse Maximizes Automation

Massachusetts-based agency Digital Impulse shares insights on how creative email automation solutions have helped their clients convert more. Learn how to utilize automations beyond just coupon codes.

Staying Afloat: How to Thrive in Deep Data

Agency FortyFour has worked for the American Cancer Society, Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken, and Coca-Cola’s wildly popular “Share a Coke” campaign. Through it all, Ryan Anderson has toiled tirelessly behind the scenes, using data to drive success.

FreshInbox: On a Mission to Take Interactive Email Mainstream

FreshInbox founder Justin Khoo  as spent his entire career pushing the web to be better. And in email, he sees a lot of room for improvement.

Fewer Clicks, More Dance: The Power of Interactive Email

Mark Robbins didn’t set out to revolutionize email. He just wanted to find the edge of what could be done.

Pass, Block, Tackle: A Case Study in Automation

Email automation plays a crucial role in how Gauge Interactive helps its e-commerce clients drive revenue and delight customers. We highlight how Gauge uses automation to guide clients to the end zone—over and over again.

No sprinkles required

When customers receive an email from Jeni’s Ice Creams, they aren’t likely to regard it as unsolicited or unwelcome. How did Jeni's Ice Creams do that?

Automating potential leads

Paul Jarvis describes how he uses automation to optimize lead generation — a constant challenge for any agency or freelancer.

From good to great: how to be an elite email marketer

How does a pretty-good marketer become a really great one? What separates the 90% who can create perfectly fine email campaigns from the 10% who consistently succeed?

Get Chart-Topping Results from Email Marketing

Rockhouse Partners have been implementing tools to build the perfect email for years now. That’s how they deliver hit after hit for their clients.

Deliverability for Your Clients

We discuss the things that you (and your clients) can do to make sure your emails reach subscriber’s inboxes.