Issue #37: Freddie and Co. Recap

Everything I learned this year (w numbers).

Issue #36: A Premature Send

The best blunder yet!

Issue #35: E-commerce Life on Mobile

Running a business from your phone.

Issue #34: Talking to Customers

It's a skill you can work on.

Issue #33: Facebook Ads

Our first Facebook ad campaign!

Issue #32: Black Friday / Cyber Monday

The BIGGEST sales weekend of the year!

Issue #31: Segmenting with Predicted Demographics

Melissa segments an email.

Issue #29: Poketo’s Story

Business advice from our collab partner Poketo.

Issue #28: Introducing BAGGU and Poketo

Introducing our holiday collections! ✨

Issue #27: Holiday Makeover

Giving the store a festive new look!

Issue #26: Strategic Remerchandising

A trick we learned to boost sales.

Issue #25: The Book Blunder

The great Blueprint shipping crisis of 2016.

Issue #24: Introducing Baron Fig

And accepting mistakes.

Issue #23: Packaging

Figuring out our packaging plan.

Issue #22: Selling in Person

Our first sales event featuring the new collection.

Issue #21: Planning for the Holidays

Christmas in July ⛄

Issue #20: Product Testing

What happens when you don't product test? ⚠️

Issue #19: Brand Voice

How should my brand sound?

Issue #18: MailChimp Using MailChimp

We used our own app to promote our store!

Issue #17: Developing a Design Aesthetic

Designing a store when you're not a designer.

Issue #16.5 Getting Social with Brooke

Tips from a social media expert.

Issue #16: 3 Short Stories

A collection of three short stories.

Issue #15: Product Photography

Products as pretty as a picture.

Issue #14: Introducing Our 2nd Collection

Our new Pintrill pins are here!

Issue #13: Bank Account and Business License

A trip to city hall.

Issue #12: Launch Recap

Remembering our launch, one month later.

Issue #11: Shipping and Fulfillment

A trip to the Freddie and Co. warehouse.

Issue #10: Asking for Help

A little help over here?

Issue #9: Brock’s Story

A special guest post from the founder of Odd Pears.

Issue #8: The First Snafu

The one where Meg cries.

Issue #7: Launch Day!

it's here it's here it's here!

Issue #6: Setting up MailChimp

Email marketing for a dummy.

Issue #5: Visual Identity

I'm supposed to draw a logo?

Issue #4: Mission Statement

My mission, should I choose to accept it.

Issue #3: A Name

What's in a name? Everything.

Issue #2: The Starting Line

Getting started is hard.

Issue #1: An Idea

First, there was an idea.