Women versed in software engineering and law are not the type to back down from a problem. Sisters Mayowa and Ebony struggled for years to find products that suited their sensitive skin. When they couldn’t, they did for themselves. Flo + Theo, named for their mother and uncle, came to life.

Flo + Theo was an answer to the sisters’ own shopping woes, but they were willing to bet there were other women—and men—who would benefit from the results of their years of experimenting with simple, natural ingredients. They crafted their soaps, body butters, oils and polishes by hand in Queens with vegan ingredients gentle enough for even delicate skin.


We have been really fortunate that our customer base has been quite eclectic from the beginning.

“We value transparency,” Mayowa says. “We want our customers to be able to see clearly what our products contain and what they do not. We only use all-natural ingredients, with names that you can actually pronounce, and never anything artificial or manmade.”

Their mission quickly found a passionate audience. “We have been really fortunate that our customer base has been quite eclectic from the beginning,” Mayowa says. “We have customers who are really drawn to the the fact that our products are 100% vegan, while others have been drawn to our products being all natural and artisanal.”


MailChimp is how they capture their fans’ attention and promote upcoming pop-up shows and special offers to their customers. It’s also how they’re growing their customer base by introducing new offerings to past purchasers—folks who often spread the vegan skin care gospel for them.

Their male audience segment, for example, was already substantial due to their unisex packaging and scents—but the release of their beard elixir, announced in their newsletter, added many a man to the Flo + Theo roster.

Carefully considered growth is their goal, as they stock their products in stores and online boutiques that align with their values. The Nigerian-born and UK-raised sisters hope to expand internationally, as well. It's not just about moving product, though.

“We'd like to continue the dialogue about the importance of safe and healthy skin care,” Mayowa says.


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