Mailchimp good. Black Hole bad.

Spending money on marketing to grow your e-commerce business can feel like you’re throwing money into a black hole. Mailchimp’s marketing automation and ad-buying tools help you understand how your budget is working, so you can build your brand and sell more stuff. Signing up is free and easy, so check out some of our features below and get started.

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Marketing Automation

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Set up MailChimp’s powerful automations and talk to your customers the way you want, at just the right time, so you can make more money while you focus on other parts of your business. When you connect your store, you can stay engaged with your customers every step of the way, including recommending products, reminding customers of products they left in their carts, welcoming them to your community and so much more.


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Your ad dollars are a lot easier to spend when you actually know which ones are working for you. That's why we provide detailed ROI reporting across all your connected channels, including your e-commerce store, email list and even Facebook and Instagram. When you know which ads are making you money, you can make smarter decisions about what to do next.

Similar People Finder

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Finding new customers isn't always easy. Which is why MailChimp can help take your existing customers and then target people similar to them on Facebook and Instagram. When you target people who look like your existing customers, you spend your budget more efficiently and make more money.

Step away from the Black Hole

It's the first step to growing your business in a way that feels right to you. If you're ready to move away from the anxiety and frustration of not knowing enough about where your marketing dollars are going, get started with MailChimp today.