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Take your business online in minutes

Connect Square payments to Mailchimp so people can buy a product directly from your landing pages—no e-commerce store needed. How to add payments to a page

Fall 2018

October | November | December

Mailchimp has a new look

We’re excited to give you a peek into these brand changes and why we made them.

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Other enhancements

  • Grow your list with pre-designed landing page templates.

    Our new templates include all of the content blocks you need to quickly create a beautiful landing page—simply plug in your message, publish, and start getting new subscribers. See what you can do

Summer 2018

July | August | September

landing page url with a custom domain that reads giveaway.hemandhers.com/fall2018
Customize your landing page URLs

For $99 a year, you can make your landing pages look like a natural extension of your brand by using your website’s domain to create unique subdomains. How to customize your URLs

Organize your contacts the way you want to with tags

You can now create, add, and remove tags for your contacts based on what you know about them. See what you can do with tags

3 new ways to track how people interact with your landing page

Enable cookies, Facebook Pixel, and Google Analytics to find what your audience is looking for and then deliver. How to turn on tracking

Other enhancements

  • Get more eyes on your Facebook and Instagram ads with GIFs.

    When you add an animated GIF to your single-image Facebook and Instagram ads, it’s sure to capture even more attention. Build your ad with a GIF

  • Send people the right content with tag-triggered automations.

    Now you can send an email or email series to the right people automatically, based on the tags you apply. Set up an automation

  • GDPR functionality now available in the API.

    Enable GDPR fields, sync contacts’ marketing permissions, and delete personal data when requested directly through the API. Check out the documentation

  • Get everything you need to build a business, including powerful MailChimp tools, with PayPal Business in a Box.

    Create your store, accept payments, manage your finances, and market your business—all in one place. Sign up for your box

  • Add GDPR fields to more types of signup forms.

    You can add GDPR fields not only to hosted, pop-up, and landing page signup forms, but also to forms embedded on your website. How to add GDPR fields

  • Build Facebook and Instagram ads with our mobile app.

    Set up Facebook and Instagram ads on your mobile device to find new people and sell more stuff—all in a few quick taps. Download on iOS or Android

  • MailChimp for LemonStand.

    Integrate your LemonStand store with MailChimp to turn on automations that recommend products, recover lost sales, and more. Connect your store

  • MailChimp for Volusion.

    Integrate your Volusion store with MailChimp to welcome new customers, follow up on orders, and more. Put your data to work

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Spring 2018

April | May | June

Easily handle GDPR-related data requests with our new contact management tools

Use our updated contact management tools to quickly export and modify contacts’ personal data upon request. How to manage your contacts

New tools to keep your branding consistent

Upload your logo in the content manager, and it will prepopulate in your landing page and email templates that have a logo placeholder. How to set a default logo

Boost engagement with video on your landing page

Embed video on your landing page and—as the old adage goes—show, don't tell your audience what your page is all about. How to add a video block

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Get consent with GDPR-friendly forms

In just a few clicks, you can create a signup form that helps you comply with the GDPR. Learn more about our new form fields

Thumbnail for I Built a Landing Page. Now What?
Get more visitors to your landing page

Prebuilt Facebook and Instagram ads help new people discover your landing page. How to run your ad

Build and share your landing page

Other enhancements

  • Manage your landing pages while you’re on the go.

    Use the mobile app to publish, unpublish, share, and track the performance of landing pages you’ve built on desktop. Download on iOS or Android

  • Add required fields for GDPR-friendly forms.

    You can now require contacts to select at least 1 marketing permission checkbox on GDPR-friendly forms before subscribing. How to edit GDPR form fields

  • Anonymize data from your deleted contacts to comply with the GDPR.

    When you delete a contact from your list, you now have the option to archive them and keep their data in your reports, or to remove them, which replaces all of their identifying info with anonymized activity data. How to delete contacts

  • Add a notification bar to landing pages.

    Highlight new products, share important announcements, or provide a cookie notification by adding a notification bar to your landing page. How to add a notification bar

  • Use your saved templates to create campaigns on mobile.

    When building campaigns in the mobile app, you can now access templates you've created on desktop so you can quickly design and send emails on the go. Download on iOS or Android

  • Send prebuilt product retargeting emails on mobile.

    Remind shoppers about the cool stuff they saw in your store and bring them back to buy. Find out how to set them up on iOS and Android

  • One list, many landing pages: Segment subscribers by signup source.

    Now people can submit their information on multiple landing pages, even if they’re already subscribed to your list. Each new submission will be added to their contact profile, so you can better segment and personalize your campaigns. See all your segmentation options

  • Use a built-in privacy badge for your landing page.

    Help users understand the terms of use for your landing page using our built-in privacy badge that links to Mailchimp’s Terms of Use. How to add a privacy badge

  • More customizable social posts.

    Auto-post from the campaign builder to reach people on Facebook and Twitter, even if they aren’t subscribed to your list—plus, now you can add a customized message with up to 4 images to get more clicks. How to share on Facebook and Twitter

  • A simplified way to connect your site.

    All of the information you need to connect your site—like where to begin and installation steps— can be found by clicking through our improved Connected Sites page. Get connected

Winter 2018

January | February | March

Use the mobile app to remind shoppers what they left behind

Turn on a prebuilt abandoned cart email in your mobile app with just a few quick taps. Learn how to set one up on iOS or Android

Download on iOS
Download on Android

Get more visitors to your landing page, then keep the conversation going

When you add a social share block to your landing page, visitors can spread the word about your page with the simple click of a button. And with more form fields, you can collect the customer information you need to personalize your marketing. Learn about content blocks

Build a page
Quickly create an email in any order you want, using the redesigned campaign builder

Our new checklist-style campaign builder displays each section all in one place so you can build your emails even faster—and in any order. Why we did it

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Other enhancements

  • A more intuitive, easy-to-scan contact profile.

    You can now add notes, view and reply to conversations, track activity in a single timeline, and more. How to manage contacts

  • New ad reports in the mobile app.

    See what products you've sold through your ads with our new detailed reports. Download for iOS and Android

  • Edit live landing pages.

    Edit and republish your landing page without pausing your campaign, so your customers will never encounter an error page while you're fixing a typo, adjusting the formatting, or anything in between. How to manage landing pages

  • Customize the image + caption block on your landing page.

    Add image + caption blocks to create a visually stunning landing page that features up to 4 images. Learn how to use image + caption content blocks

  • Customize your email campaign’s “To” field.

    Use a custom merge tag or text to add a more personalized greeting in your email’s “To” field. Discover how to personalize your emails

  • Target your Facebook Page likes.

    Create a Facebook ad that targets people who've liked your Facebook page or are a lot like them. Find out how to target your Facebook ads

  • Change opt-in settings for multiple lists at once.

    Users can adjust opt-in settings for all lists in their account from the main Lists page. How to change your settings

  • Put your data to work with Mailchimp for Big Cartel.

    Users with an e-commerce store built on Big Cartel can now sync their customer data with Mailchimp. How data from Big Cartel powers Mailchimp tools

  • Use data from your Miva store to fuel your marketing in Mailchimp.

    Users with an e-commerce store built on Miva can now sync their customer data with Mailchimp. How to use data from Miva with your Mailchimp tools

  • More features for BigCommerce users.

    Set up abandoned cart messaging, product retargeting emails, and pop-up forms, and track ROI generated from Facebook, Instagram, and Google ad campaigns. How to put your BigCommerce data to work

  • More features for Drupal and Ubercart users.

    Our Drupal and Ubercart integrations now include auto-enabled pop-up forms and product retargeting emails. Find out how to design effective pop-up forms and product retargeting emails.

Fall 2017

October | November | December

Recapture sales with Google remarketing ads

Reach people who leave your website—wherever they go online—and bring them back when they're ready to buy. Learn how to advertise across the web in 2 clicks

Create an ad
Pop-up forms for your site

Create mobile-friendly pop-up forms for your website and watch your list grow. Learn more about new pop-up features

Design a form
Grow your list and sell more stuff with landing pages

Highlight your best-selling products, collect email addresses in exchange for a free download, promote an ongoing sale, and anything in between. Read more about the benefits of landing pages

Build a page

Other enhancements

  • Single opt-in for all forms.

    All Mailchimp forms now support single opt-in, so contacts can subscribe to your list in one simple step. Signup form options

  • Automations have moved on mobile.

    Now you can view all your campaigns in one place just like you do on the web. Download for iOS and Android

  • Promo codes in the Mailchimp mobile app.

    Encourage bigger checkouts by adding promo code content blocks to your emails directly from your mobile device. Download for iOS and Android

  • Resend to non-openers on mobile.

    Give your emails a second chance by resending them to people who didn’t open the first time in just one click. Download for iOS and Android

  • More to do with mobile:

    • Get instant notifications that help you track sales and improve your marketing.
    • Express yourself in more than words with sticker packs for iOS messages.

Summer 2017

July | August | September

Automations have moved

We've moved automations under the campaigns tab so you can create automations, and bulk emails all in the same place.

Set up an automated email
Shopify and BigCommerce Promo Codes

Generate revenue and encourage list signups by adding a promo code block to your emails and automations. See best practices for promo codes

Campaign creation in the Mailchimp mobile app

On a boat or on a train, while at home or on a plane—create your campaigns anywhere with Mailchimp for mobile. Learn how to mobilize your marketing

Download on iOS
Download on Android

Other enhancements

Spring 2017

April | May | June

Grow your audience with Instagram ads

Unlock the power of your Mailchimp list to find people who are similar to your best customers on Instagram. How to build your brand on Instagram

Create an ad
Free marketing automation for everyone

We made marketing automation free to give small businesses the tools they need to compete with larger brands at no extra cost. Why we made automations free

Set up an automated email

Other enhancements

  • Mailchimp for PrestaShop.

    Users with an e-commerce store built on PrestaShop can now sync their customer data with Mailchimp. Put your customer data to work

  • Customize your campaign URLs.

    Drive traffic to your campaign pages and spread awareness of your brand by making your links more recognizable to customers. Learn how to customize campaign URLs

  • A more intuitive content manager.

    All the stuff you need for your marketing—from product images to GIFs—are easy to find, edit, and insert into any of your email and ad campaigns. Find our more about the content manager

  • Choose templates with intent.

    Our intent-based featured templates guide you through the content creation process with helpful advice and suggestions. Why you should use intent-based templates

Winter 2017

January | February | March

Send order notifications

Design, send, and track personalized confirmation emails that fit your brand—without leaving Mailchimp. How order notifications improve the shopping experience

Enable order notifications
Find your people with Facebook ads

Creating a Facebook ad in Mailchimp is an easy way to reach new people who are a lot like your current customers in just a few steps. How to reach new customers with Facebook ads

Create an ad
Mailchimp is on Giphy

From “You’re welcome!” to “Your cat looks amazing in that hat!,” we created GIFs to help us connect with users on social media in all kinds of ways. Why we made our own GIFs

GIF library

Other enhancements

  • A new dashboard on mobile.

    We’ve redesigned the dashboard on mobile to make accessing your e-commerce, audience, and campaign data even easier while you’re on the go. Keep tabs on all your data