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Mailchimp’s purpose is to empower the underdog. Through corporate citizenship we support small world-changers with big ideas. Local groups know their communities the best. But, they don’t always get the attention they need. That’s why we invest in small organizations changing the world in big ways

Discover 3 areas where we’re helping small players make big moves


Initiatives for Social Impact

Mailchimp has always shared marketing wisdom and smart tools with small world changers so they can grow more efficiently. But, new ideas sometimes need platforms to help. We design innovative programs together with our employees and partners to help small world changers build the skills and capabilities that are critical to their success. Ultimately, we hope to create a community to foster a free flow of ideas and knowledge, and inspire a new generation of mindful leaders. These are a few of our most recent initiatives to do just that.

Mailchimp Community College


Forward Project