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Hamburger Eyes

It started as a one-man project, an outlet for curiosity. But as Hamburger Eyes grew, it became a community dedicated to capturing both the unseen and iconic moments of everyday life. This is the story of the zine that changed Bay Area photography forever. [This documentary contains explicit content.]

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Hamburger Eyes

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Taking Stock

Hannah is living the dream as a professional photographer. But now that her dream has become reality, she’s questioning everything. Taking Stock follows Hannah as she navigates the quirky day-to-day of a stock photography agency while struggling to find the passion for her next move.

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Episode 1: Cruel Summer

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They’ve left offices behind. They work from anywhere and everywhere. And they’re transforming the world around them. Wi-Finders explores how easy access to the Internet has changed how people around the world make their living.

Buenos Aires sky-view shot

Buenos Aires

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