MailChimp for Apple Watch

MailChimp for Apple Watch gives you a quick look at how your campaigns and lists are performing while you're on the go.

MailChimp for Apple Watch

Campaign stats

Get campaign snapshots right on your wrist, including open and click rates. Color coded stats signal growth (green) and room for improvement (red).

List updates

Quickly see how many subscribers your list has gained or lost. For easy glancing, subscriber stats are green and unsubscribe stats are red.


Seamlessly and securely move from one device to another. Need more data than Apple Watch provides? Just swipe up on your iPhone or iPad.

Manage your lists

Monitor the growth of your list, find subscribers near your current location, filter by group, find out who's most engaged, and more—all from MailChimp's mobile app.

Subscribers don't always request to be added to your list when they're sitting in front of their computers. Sometimes they ask you in real life! Add those email addresses to a MailChimp list directly from your phone. You can also edit subscriber profiles and add notes on the spot.

Manage your lists in the MailChimp Mobile app

Send campaigns

View all your campaigns in one place, and schedule or send a campaign when it's ready. Start a campaign back at the office, and quickly send it from your phone when it's ready to go out. We'll show you the same checklist you see in the web app, so you can make sure your campaigns are perfect before sending.

Send campaigns from your phone

View reports

You don't have to be at your desk to check in on your campaigns and see how they're performing. MailChimp Mobile gives you instant access to all your campaign stats, including revenue reports. Find out where in the world your emails are being opened, who's tweeting about your newsletter, and how much money your campaigns are generating.

View campaign reports on your phone

Share accounts

Your whole team can use MailChimp for iPhone and Android without getting any wires crossed. If you've set up multi-user accounts, you can add any account with any permission level to MailChimp's mobile app.

Sign into multiple MailChimp accounts and toggle between them in MailChimp Mobile

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