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Our users leverage data-driven tools to help them learn what works, improve future campaigns, and turn insights into action.

Source:, Inc
Four badges. The first badge reads, “Easiest Setup, Enterprise, Winter 2024.” The second reads, “Leader, Small Business, Winter 2024.” The third reads, “Leader, Mid-Market, Winter 2024.” The fourth reads, “Leader, Enterprise, Winter 2024.”

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The #1 email marketing and automations platform* that recommends ways to get more opens, clicks, and sales.

  • Up to 25x ROI *

    seen by Mailchimp users*

  • 22 years experience

    helping businesses sell more

  • 11M+ Users

    of Mailchimp globally

  • $1.7K per campaign*

    generated on average*

How we compare

  • A product email, sent from Mailchimp. In bubbles around it are the logos of various integrations that work with Mailchimp.

    Mailchimp vs Klaviyo

    Klaviyo can cost twice as much as Mailchimp, but offers less support and fewer marketing channels and features for the same audience count.*

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  • A customer behavior trigger with 4 options. Four different customer profiles to their right.

    Mailchimp vs Hubspot

    Mailchimp offers many of the same powerful features and services as HubSpot, sometimes at less than a tenth of the price.*

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  • Two SMS messages sent from Mailchimp. To their left is a journey flow determining whether to send a customer a reward SMS or a loyalty sign-up SMS.

    Mailchimp vs ActiveCampaign

    Our paid plans make scaling your business both easy and affordable, with more value offered at a fraction of the price.*

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