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Say hello to your AI growth assistant

Intuit Assist works across Intuit platforms, including Mailchimp, to help you tackle the manual parts of marketing, from turning data into actionable insights to producing personalized content at scale.*


Automate personalized campaigns at scale

Welcome new contacts, recover abandoned carts, and win back lost customers with AI-generated automations and fully-built emails you only need to review and publish.

See up to a 115% increase in click rates with automated emails built in Customer Journey Builder compared to bulk emails*

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Let AI help you find and win untapped revenue

Soon, our AI models will be able to predict which customers are most likely to convert—and help you target them by suggesting high-quality, personalized marketing content.


Let Intuit Assist write the first draft*

Deliver relevant content faster when you let AI generate on-brand emails and copy. You only need to review, edit, and send.

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Best value

Best value


Sell even more with personalization, optimization tools, and enhanced automations.

  • AI-generated Emails
  • In-line Content Generation
  • AI-built Automations
  • AI in Segmentation
  • AI in Analytics
  • Personalized Onboarding
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*Overages apply if contact or email send limit is exceeded. Free plan sending will be paused if contact or email send limit is exceeded.

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Power personalized marketing by using data science tools alongside Intuit Assist

Our data science tools help you put your best foot forward with your emails.*

Get recommendations to help improve your email content

Analyze your campaigns and get personalized suggestions on what to improve.

Generate on-brand designs

Use AI to create custom designs using your brand colors, fonts, logos, and images.

Send at the right time

Send campaigns at the predicted best days and times for engagement.

Send winning content

Test different versions of content with A/B testing.

“The copy is a perfect starting point, and making changes would take just a few minutes rather than taking half an hour. It’s like having that digital assistant that allows you to become an editor rather than a writer.”

Jack Tadd, Managing Director, Warm Glass UK


  • When initiating an email marketing campaign, it’s important to write great email content. The copy of your email marketing content will represent your brand’s voice and invite the reader to take a desired action. Here are a few tips for writing great email marketing content:

    Keep it short: You may not have the reader’s attention for long, so be sure to condense your message and get to the point. Write a great subject line: A subject line is the first thing a reader sees, and a great subject line will make them open your email in the first place. Include a call to action: Every piece of email marketing content should include a call to action, whether you want the reader to shop the sale on your website or read your latest blog post

  • To create a simple segment in Mailchimp, click on Audience, select Segments, choose your audience, and click Create Segment. From there, adjust the drop-down menu to Date Added - is after - the last campaign was sent. Make sure to preview your segment before giving it a name and saving it.

  • Whether a potential shopper is at the beginning of their buying journey or has reached the checkout process, a Customer Journey Builder can help you land the sale. Mailchimp’s Customer Journey Builder empowers you to create and automate a workflow that’s tailored to your business. To start, make sure you have access to our Customer Journey tools under your current plan.

    Navigate to the Customer Journeys homepage and select Create from scratch or use the pre-built maps available. Then, click the Start Building button.

  • Email analytics provide valuable insights that allow you to identify what’s working for your business and refine campaigns that can be made even better. The data provided can sometimes be difficult to decipher, but you’ll always receive digestible, easy-to-read insights with our digital marketing reporting software.

    Our analytics and reporting tools work by monitoring the engagement, growth, and revenue of your campaigns across different channels. This includes emails, social media ads, promo codes used, and so forth. As a result, you can gain a deeper understanding of what your customers like and continue creating content that fits their needs. Digital marketing reporting tools also allow you to see how your email campaigns compare to the competition. The best part is that you can do this without ever leaving the Mailchimp analytics dashboard.