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Do more with your WooCommerce data

Hone your strategy and grow faster by bringing your WooCommerce data to Mailchimp*.

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    email marketing and automation platform*

  • 12 million+

    Mailchimp users globally

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    higher click rate with segments*

Discover new ways to enhance your marketing strategy

Build better relationships that grow traffic and drive sales

Your business is one of a kind. Easily personalize your messaging at scale with automation features tailored to your unique business goals.

Engage your most high-value customers

Our easy-to-use platform has advanced AI capabilities that can help streamline your marketing strategies and unlock your brand's full potential.

Use personalization to optimize every campaign

Hone your marketing efforts and use AI-driven recommendations to give every customer a personalized experience.¹

Try our Standard plan today!

Find out why customers see up to 24x ROI* using the Standard plan. Cancel or downgrade to our Essentials or basic Free plans at any time.

Find out why customers see up to 24x ROI* using the Standard plan. Cancel or downgrade to our Essentials or basic Free plans at any time.

  • Included

    Generative AI features
  • Included

    Advanced segmentation & reporting
  • Included

    Enhanced automations
  • Included

    Custom-coded email templates
  • Included

    Data-driven optimization tools
  • Included

    Personalized onboarding


Send up to {numOfSends} emails each month.

Free Trial available for large list sizes

*Overages apply if contact or email send limit is exceeded.

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Connect Mailchimp to WooCommerce

Bring your WooCommerce customer data and order information to your Mailchimp audiences. Track sales, create targeted e-commerce automations, send abandoned cart emails, and more.

Mailchimp x WooCommerce

“In terms of generating sales, we see that across pretty much every campaign that we run, it results in somebody buying something—even if we’re not directly going out and selling a product through the campaign.”

What does it do?

Here are some popular ways to use this integration. Features and functionality vary by plan.

  • Sell more stuff

    • Trigger and send abandoned cart reminders.
    • Create post-purchase follow-up campaigns.
    • Use promo/discount code content blocks (classic builder only).
  • Do more with Mailchimp

    WooCommerce works with these Mailchimp platform features:

  • Grow your audience

  • Sync your marketing data

    • Sync customer data and purchase data to a Mailchimp audience
    • Add new customers to a Mailchimp audience

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  • Mailchimp account

  • WordPress site version 4.9 or higher OR site on Business tier

  • WooCommerce plug-in

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