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Abandoned Cart Emails

Get shoppers back to abandoned carts

69% of shoppers abandon their carts before checking out. Mailchimp gives you a way to bring them back to their cart and finish the checkout process.

With an abandoned cart email series, you can see an average of 34 times more orders per recipient than with bulk email alone.

Abandoned Cart

See how it all adds up

Get insights into your marketing that goes beyond opens and clicks. Our in-depth conversion reports show you what products you’ve sold and how many checkouts have been recovered.

Reduce cart abandonment from anywhere

If your business keeps you on the go, you can turn on an abandoned cart email that we create for you in our mobile app. Once you get a notification to set it up, we’ll send it every time a shopper abandons their cart.

Suggest new stuff to keep people shopping

Encourage customers to add more stuff to their shopping cart with personalized product recommendations. We use your store’s purchase data to suggest things we think shoppers will like.

Design your abandoned cart email to match your brand

When cart abandonment occurs, we'll send an email with cart information to remind the shopper. All you need to do is add your logo and write a few lines of copy.

Postcard image

Bring shoppers back to your store through the mail

Pair an abandoned cart printed postcard with your notification email to give shoppers that extra nudge to finish checking out. We'll automatically send your postcard to the printer 24 hours after a shopper abandons their cart, then mail it to your would-be customers. Use our sample message to inspire your own or send as is. Add an image that shows off your brand. Include a promo code to give shoppers even more reason to go back to your store's checkout process and buy.

Set up an abandoned cart postcard

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“Our abandoned cart email is something that’s very special to us. This is our opportunity to really convince a customer to purchase, because they’ve already expressed very deep interest in our product.”

Ricky Choi, co-founder of Nice Laundry

Easy to set up

  • Turn on your email to recapture the interest of people who have abandoned their shopping carts while you focus on other things.

    Example of an abandoned cart email that says don't forget about us.
Example of how to set a delay for your email to send.
Example of how to add your logo and other brand designs in a few clicks.
Example of an abandoned cart email that says don't forget about us.

Getting shoppers back to checkout with Topo Designs


  • You should send your first abandoned cart email about an hour after a shopper has abandoned their cart. When you quickly reach out, you increase the chances that the products in the cart are still on the shopper’s mind. Follow-up abandoned cart emails can be sent 6 hours and 24 hours after the cart has been abandoned, with the goal of gently reminding the potential customer of what they left behind and encouraging them to make a purchase.

  • When it comes to abandoned carts, it’s important to reach out and take steps to complete the sale. If a shopper added items to their cart, it typically means they were interested in your products. Sending an abandoned cart email or discount code can motivate shoppers to return to their cart and actually make a purchase.

  • Abandoned cart recovery describes any action taken to convince potential customers to purchase the items they left in their cart. With abandoned cart software, you can easily engage in abandoned cart recovery and encourage potential customers to follow through on purchases.

  • When writing an abandoned cart email, come up with a subject line that will make potential customers want to open the email. Then, in the body of the email, make sure to start out by reminding the recipient of what they left in their cart.

    The rest of the email should encourage the potential customer to follow through with the purchase in a manner that’s short and sweet. Include a call-to-action and perhaps even a discount code to convince the potential customer to pull the trigger on their purchase.

  • To create an abandoned cart email, click the “Automations” icon on your account dashboard and navigate to “Classic Automations”. From there, you can turn on abandoned cart emails and, in the “Single Email” tab, you can enter a campaign name and choose a store.

    Once you’ve turned on abandoned cart emails, you can select recipients, set a delay, and even customize the design of your emails.

  • To reduce the frequency of abandoned carts and encourage shoppers to complete their purchase, there are a few steps you can take.

    Be completely transparent about all costs, including shipping, taxes, and any other fees customers will have to pay. If customers are surprised by costs at the end of the checkout process, they may reconsider the purchase or become frustrated; this can lead to an abandoned cart.

    You might also include indicators that show which step of the checkout process customers are on and provide a thumbnail of the product in order to keep customers focused on the transaction at hand.

  • We recommend sending 3 abandoned cart emails to your potential customers, but amount and frequency is ultimately up to you. The first abandoned cart email can be sent 1 hour, 6 hours, or 24 hours after the user leaves an item in their shopping cart, and it’s usually a simple, gentle reminder of the products they left behind.

    If the user doesn’t come back with the first email, you can send another one after 24 hours. The second email should also be friendly while creating a sense of urgency.

  • Abandoned carts happen when a user doesn’t complete the purchasing process, whether they didn’t checkout or left their cart midway through the process. When this happens on your e-commerce site, Mailchimp can automatically send a few reminders to the shopper on your behalf. If you prefer, you can also send the email manually. The goal is to recapture their attention and entice them to finalize their purchase and, with the right tools, you simplify this process and send abandoned cart emails much quicker.

  • Yes, Mailchimp can send abandoned cart emails to users who didn’t complete their shopping or proceed to checkout. This isn’t a reflection of your brand; most users may not be ready to buy just yet. You can use abandoned cart emails to encourage them to come back to your store and complete their buying journey. When used in combination with promo codes, you can give users the extra push they need.

Start sending your abandoned cart email

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