View, test, and send campaigns

Once you’ve designed and edited an email on your desktop or tablet, use the Push to MailChimp Mobile feature to see a preview on your mobile device. Then, when it’s ready, you can send your email directly from your phone. We’ll show you the same checklist you see on the web to ensure your campaigns are perfect before sending.

Send campaigns from your phone

Keep tabs on your account

The newly redesigned mobile Dashboard brings more data to the surface so that e-commerce revenue, audience growth, and campaign engagement are all at your fingertips. While digging into your metrics, you can also take advantage of our Explore tab for personalized feature recommendations based on your current account usage.

Your stats at a glance

List and campaign widgets are available for the iOS Notification Center, so you can swipe left at any time for an overview of the stats from your most recent campaign or to track the subscriber count of your list. Then, in the tap of a button, quickly add new subscribers on the spot or open the full MailChimp Mobile app for a closer look at your data.

Your stats at a glance

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