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Grow your business, wherever you are

With Mailchimp’s mobile app, you can stay on top of your campaigns, manage your audience, and get key insights and advice about your marketing when you need them—all from your mobile device.

Whether you’ve got a few minutes or a few hours in your day to devote to marketing, Mailchimp’s mobile app lets you make those spare moments work for you—no desk or office needed.

An illustration that shows how easy it ease to create an email campaign on a mobile device.

Create and send emails in between working on other things

Create a campaign from scratch, or pick up from where you left off at the office (or coffee shop). You can even start with a saved template you’ve created on desktop to design and send your email even faster.

Mobile alluding to customer's actions

Build people’s contact profiles as you’re talking to them

Our audience dashboard and contact profiles give you a snapshot of how people are engaging with your campaigns—see how much they’re spending, opening, and clicking. Plus, we’ve made it easy to add contacts from your mobile device, so you can add notes to people’s contact profiles (like if you met them at a conference or your local coffee shop, for instance) when you’re on the go.

The mobile campaign builder.

Greet new contacts in just 1 click

Upload your logo and let Mailchimp take care of the rest. We’ll automatically create a welcome message you can send as is or customize with an even more personalized hello.

Abstract campaign of earrings

Promote your brand to the right people in the right places

Quickly create Facebook and Instagram ads that help you find new people, target existing contacts, or reconnect with people who visited your website. You can even track what’s selling and see exactly what you’re getting for your money while you’re on the go.

Mobile app showing audience growth

See how all your marketing channels work together

Get a clear picture of how all your recent and ongoing campaigns are performing with detailed reports that break down key metrics for measuring your marketing’s success, like engagement and revenue. Looking to share a campaign’s success with your team? Send them the reports for any of your campaigns in a few quick taps.

Smart suggestions, smarter marketing

  • Resend to non‑openers

    The option to resend an email to non-openers from the mobile app.

    We’ll let you know the right moment to resend an email to people who didn’t open it the first time around, so you can make sure more contacts see your message.

  • Celebrate business wins

    Sales Alert Notification

    Keep track of sales and audience growth even before you open the app. We’ll send you instant sales and subscriber notifications or a daily summary to help you stay on top of it all.

  • Bring shoppers back

    Notification about customer abandoning cart

    Turn on an abandoned cart email we’ve created for you to reunite would‑be customers with their online shopping cart.

  • Choose your next move

    Abstract UI that shows targeted product recommendations on the Explore screen

    Get suggestions from Mailchimp about what features to try next based on what you’re already using.

The option to resend an email to non-openers from the mobile app.
Sales Alert Notification
Notification about customer abandoning cart
Abstract UI that shows targeted product recommendations on the Explore screen

Take Mailchimp anywhere

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