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Check out our latest platform tools, features, and updates built specifically with you in mind.

Streamline and sell more with Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager lets you view your multichannel marketing efforts all at once to help you save time, drive growth, and sell more.

Winter 2023

Custom Reports

View historical campaign data with flexibility and ease

Users in our Standard plans and above can now easily access and analyze their historical campaign data by creating customized reports. Choose the metrics you want data on, such as click rates, open rates, delivery rates, and more.

Shopify Triggers

Behavioral Targeting in Customer Journey Builder

Shopify users can now get access to detailed information about their customers who visit their website. In Customer Journey Builder, users can add a trigger based on what pages they've viewed and what they've added to their shopping cart. Then send a personalized marketing message.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting in Customer Journey Builder

Track overall performance and get a summary of how engaged your users are. See how engagement has changed over time and compare performance. Filter by date range, metrics, and journeys.

Typeform Integration

Create more personalized experiences with Typeform

Deepen your customer engagement and continue the conversation with your audience by linking any Typeform answer as a tag for segmentation.

Fall 2022


Re-engage audiences with product-specific flows

Target abandoned cart customers who have shown interest in your product via our “abandoned cart with specific product” Starting Point.


Let people know why your customers love you with Yelp

Seamlessly add trusted content from your Yelp Business page directly to your email campaigns (including reviews, photos, and business details), making it easy for customers to request a quote or make a reservation.


A/B test your Customer Journey paths

Easily divide your contacts into separate journey paths to determine which emails are more successful.


Change Classic Automations to Customer Journeys

Switching your Classic Automations to Customer Journey Builder is easy. Just look for the three dots in your Classic Automations tab and select the Convert to Journey option. With Customer Journey Builder, you can add rules, run an A/B testing experiment, send more targeted emails, and much more.


Jumpstart your marketing journey with ease

Schedule a hands-on consultation during your first 30 days to get personalized assistance from an Onboarding Specialist, and reach your goals faster—at no additional cost.

Other Enhancements

  • Replicate a rule or action easily

    Quickly build your journeys with copy-paste. Set up your journey points without starting over.

    Copy and paste a journey point

  • Read real-life case studies and expert insights

    Gain valuable insights you need to navigate our current economic period and handle it successfully.

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Summer 2022


Email Analytics Dashboard

All your email marketing data in one place

Finally, there’s one report for all your email campaign metrics—no more manually compiling all your data. Our email analytics dashboard gives you a holistic look at your email performance over time, so you can make more strategic, informed decisions.

Square Integration

Start building customer relationships with Square

Connect your Square POS or online store to Mailchimp. With our new Square integration, you can sync contacts, orders, products, and more to keep the conversation going with your customers.

Customer Journey Builder

Expanded automation triggers, deeper customization

Our new Customer Journey triggers—including triggers based on Zapier custom events and order notifications—mean you have more ways to keep customers engaged and satisfied.

Pre-Built Journeys

More ways to engage with your audience

We’ve added over 40 new pre-built Customer Journeys to our library, making it even easier to connect with your customers and win new ones.

Spring 2022


Sync your Stripe customers with Mailchimp

Grow your audience quickly and easily with the new Stripe app. Connect your accounts to automatically share customer information—like names and email addresses—and to trigger personalized, targeted messages based on how people interact with your store. Then track how your campaigns lead to sales using Mailchimp’s powerful reports and analytics.

Winter 2022


Connect Mailchimp to your Shopify Plus store

Our new Shopify Plus integration allows you to sync your customers, products, and purchase data from your Shopify Plus store to Mailchimp and use that data to optimize your marketing. You’ll also get 24/7 access to our award-winning Support team, so you can get help whenever you may need it.


More ways to optimize your automations

We’ve added the ability to replicate a Customer Journey across audiences. Plus, we introduced a new 50/50 split rule, which randomly divides contacts into 2 paths within a journey so you can easily experiment with different experiences and email designs.

Fall 2021

Content Optimization

Make your email content more engaging

Our Content Optimizer helps you improve your email content by comparing your campaigns to email best practices and offering personalized suggestions across several categories to make your copy, imagery, and layout even better.

QuickBooks Online Integration

Say goodbye to manual imports and hello to automatic syncing

Integrate your QuickBooks Online account with Mailchimp and start using your invoice data to create tags and send targeted, personalized campaigns.

Shopify Integration

Connect Mailchimp to your Shopify store

Our new direct integration with Shopify lets you sync purchase data with your Mailchimp audience, so you can make the most of the holiday season and have a successful start to the new year.

Mailchimp Marketplace

The new home for tools to expand and enhance your marketing

Introducing the Mailchimp Marketplace, your one-stop destination to find apps, software integrations, and pre-built email templates to help you do more with Mailchimp.

Other Enhancements


Automate your marketing with Pre-Built Customer Journeys

We've designed more than a dozen fully-customizable Pre-Built Customer Journeys to help you increase the relevance of your messages and guide customers from prospect to purchase.


Connect your calendar with Mailchimp Appointments

When you connect with Google Calendar, you can easily view and manage all of your appointments from one place—which means you’ll never have to worry about being double-booked.

Summer 2021


Access new premium email templates

Our premium templates—designed by Mailchimp partners with your marketing goals in mind—make it easy to create beautiful emails with no installation or coding required.


E-commerce tips delivered to your inbox

Whether you’re new to e-commerce or already a seasoned pro, our weekly e-commerce newsletter has tips to help you drive sales and grow your business.


New integration, better connection

Keep the conversation with your customers going—even after the chat window closes. When you connect LiveChat and Mailchimp, you can send automatic follow-up messages, create custom emails based on purchase history or browsing patterns, and more.


Pre-built journeys for every kind of business

Find inspiration and scale your marketing with our best in class Pre-Built Customer Journeys. Get a head start on marketing automations with customizable workflows to help guide your customer’s experience.

Spring 2021


Mailchimp stores are open for business

Create an online store, powered by Mailchimp's marketing tools, for free.


Managing appointments just got easier

Take the hassle out of online scheduling. Offer clients a seamless booking experience, manage your schedule, and more—all in one place.

Other Enhancements


Find out where your people clicked

Understand what drives email engagement with our new, easy-to-read Click Maps. Then, use those insights to tailor your content for even better results.


Insights for freelancers and agencies

Mailchimp & Co is our global community of freelancers and agencies. And our first-ever Mailchimp & Co Benchmark Report is full of tips and information to help them thrive.

Winter 2021

New Developer Docs & Guides

Integrate and automate with Mailchimp developer APIs

Your developers can do more with Mailchimp APIs. Integrate your data to send timely, relevant campaigns, event-driven transactional emails, and more.


New integrations, built just for you

We’ve invested $1M in the developer community with a fund to power the creation of new Mailchimp integrations. Check out the integrations—LinkedIn, Mixpanel, and Patreon—that have already been built with the fund.

Google Workspace

Build trust with a professional email address

Create a branded email address when you add on Google Workspace to your domain purchase. Plus, get access to features like Google Calendar, Google Drive, and more.

Website Builder

Easily create, customize, and promote a stunning website

Our newest website builder enhancements bring design and simplicity to the forefront, making it even easier to build your dream website—no coding needed!

Other Enhancements


Optimize your automations

We’ve released new features to help power your automations. You can now create new tags within a journey build, start or branch a journey map based on contacts campaign activity, and unsubscribe or subscribe contacts based on customer actions.


Learn more about your audience

Enrich your understanding of your audience by turning on survey auto-tagging, which will automatically create tags based on responses to your Mailchimp Surveys. Populate your audience with demographic, product interest and satisfaction tags for every new customer or subscriber.


Centralize your customer communication

Mailchimp Inbox manages 1-to-1 emails between you and your contacts. Respond to campaign replies, survey feedback, and inbound sales leads in one place.


Send the right content to your diners

Connect with your diners on a deeper level and keep them coming back for more when you connect OpenTable to Mailchimp.


Engage and grow your audience with video

Add Vimeo video clips to your emails to increase campaign engagement or collect leads with in-video forms and sync them to your Mailchimp audience so you can stay in close contact with your viewers.

Fall 2020

New solutions, app updates, and marketing smarts

Ready to build your confidence and sales with data-powered solutions? These videos showcase our new intelligence‑backed creative tools, a visual automation builder, and much more.

Next Best Action

Know what to do next

With our proprietary intelligence engine as your guide, get data-driven recommendations on how to improve campaign performance.

Subject Line Helper

Write compelling subject lines that engage your customers

Improve your open rates with data-driven feedback on subject line word count, character count, punctuation, and more.

Creative Assistant

Generate beautiful, on-brand designs in seconds

Creative Assistant gets to know your brand, then instantly creates custom designs you can use across all your marketing channels.

Mailchimp & Co

Grow your way with our global community of professionals

Mailchimp & Co is our global insider community of freelancers, agencies, and other professionals who help our small-business customers get the most out of Mailchimp.

Other Enhancements


Send messages that resonate

Collect preferences from your contacts so you can send them relevant messages that increase engagement.


Make a great first impression

Get free access to more than 2 million high-quality photos from Unsplash when you use our Creative Assistant and website builder.


New languages available on Mailchimp Mobile

Let's get global. Upgrade your mobile app to use new languages. Grow your business with powerful marketing in Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.

Summer 2020

New Developer Experience

Explore Mailchimp APIs, SDKs, guides, and official client libraries—all in one place

Built by developers for developers, our APIs make it easy to pull data into Mailchimp and use it to manage contacts, send transactional emails, and personalize your marketing.

Customer Journey builder

Design a path to take your customers from browse to buy

Put each customer on a path that's customized for them. Our new Customer Journey builder allows you to visually map out and automate unique, adaptable journeys that reflect the ways customers engage with your business.

Mobile Landing Pages

Grow your brand online with mobile landing pages

With Mailchimp’s mobile app, you can create simple landing pages to share business updates, host a sale, create awareness around a new product, and more. Connect your social platforms, add a payment option, and share it with your contacts—in just a few taps.

Other Enhancements


Get quick, expert answers so you can focus on your bottom line

Upgrade to a Premium plan to get access to prioritized support from our dedicated team of highly-rated specialists. Working on a time-sensitive topic? Premium plan customers can speak with a dedicated expert over the phone, jump toward the front of the live chat queue, and get faster email responses day or night.


Turn website visitors’ actions into personalized marketing

With website behavioral targeting, you can keep track of the ways people interact with your site, then use those insights to send timely, relevant email campaigns. As you learn more about your audience's interests, you can adjust and optimize your messaging to better speak to their needs.


Take the guesswork out of DNS management

When you purchase a domain with Mailchimp, we automatically set up the Domain Name System (DNS) records you need to send authenticated email or publish your Mailchimp website and landing pages.


Keep in contact with your meeting attendees

Connect with Calendly to quickly add invitees to your Mailchimp audience. Our integration makes it easy to add unique tags to new contacts, too, so you can automate tasks and send targeted marketing campaigns.

Spring 2020

A bunch of letters flying towards a target

Mailchimp Transactional

Deliver fast, personalized transactional emails using API or SMTP

Deliver transactional emails like password resets or account notifications using Mailchimp Transactional Email.


Better understand your customers

Gathering feedback is critical for understanding the needs of your customers and charting the course of your business. Our new Surveys feature makes it easy to measure customer satisfaction, test new ideas, and learn what’s working, so you can market smarter.

Pop-up Forms

Grab the attention of your website visitors

We’ve enhanced our pop-up form builder to help you capture the attention of site visitors and grow your audience. Now, you can completely customize your pop-up form fields and layout. And after you publish your form, we'll automatically add it to your connected site so you can immediately start collecting new contacts.

Many floating heads making up audience

Mobile SDK

Collect and segment your audience data across platforms to send personalized messages

Bring your mobile app user data into Mailchimp in as few as 3 lines of code with our Mobile SDK. Learn more about your users with the help of custom tags and in-app behavior tracking, then turn that data into automated, personalized messages that reach users at just the right time.

Person playing tetris

Mailchimp Mobile App

Grow your audience and scale your business with Mailchimp’s mobile app

Get all of your data in one place, so you can make better marketing decisions. With our brand new business card scanner and contact import tools, you'll be able to turn your existing connections into loyal customers.

Want to drive results even faster? Share your message with a landing page and help customers find and support your business.

Other Enhancements

Create content even faster

You can now sync your assets directly from Adobe Photoshop to your Content Studio and use them across all of your marketing campaigns. Learn more.

New landing page templates

Create a simple landing page for generating leads or accepting payments in just minutes with our two new free templates.

Winter 2020

Add a notification bar

You can add a notification bar to the footer of your website or landing page to let site visitors know about your Privacy Policy or Cookie Statement.

A person looking at their calendar

Keep track of all your marketing in our calendar view

We’ve updated our marketing calendar to make tracking your past and future campaigns easier. From email to postcards, you can quickly see the status of all your marketing efforts.

Create eye-catching emails

Our subject line helper provides feedback on how to improve your campaign subject line as you're writing it, so your email will capture your audience’s attention.

Market smarter with audience and campaign performance data

Now you can find out how you stack up against your peers by monitoring new campaign benchmarking data. Celebrate when you’re doing better than average, and use our recommendations to learn how to improve your future email campaigns.

Access pre-built demographic segments in your audience dashboard, get to know contacts on a deeper level, and send them personalized campaigns.

Other Enhancements

Manage contacts and keep tabs on campaigns from anywhere with the Mailchimp mobile app

Now you can add notes, view engagement activity, and manage tags for individual contacts in the new mobile contact profile. Get the app.

Find the right expert to help you succeed

Need help with brand design, growing your audience, or using our more advanced features? We've added filters to our Experts Directory so you can find the help you need even faster. You can access the directory from your account and on our website. Access the directory.

Fall 2019

Why small businesses should start marketing on day one

We surveyed more than 500 entrepreneurs about their experience starting a business. In this report, you'll find our key insights and top tips to help make your business journey a little smoother.

A person looking at their calendar

See how all your marketing campaigns work together

Our new marketing calendar brings all your emails, social posts, postcards, and digital ads into one convenient view.

Illustration of a search bar with flowers growing out of it.

We’ll help you find the right custom domain for your business

Your domain is more than a web address—it’s what your brand’s online identity is built on. Now you can search for your dream domain and buy it through Mailchimp. Already have one? You can connect it in a few easy steps.

Summer 2019

A visual representation of a Mailchimp landing page

Recapture the attention of your landing page visitors

Bring people back to your landing page with Google remarketing ads. Visitors can see your ads as they browse more than 2 million sites, giving them a clear path back to your page. This means that any time a new contact signs up from your page, they’ll be given a tag that helps you identify and target them later with specific messaging.

Bring people back to your landing page with Google remarketing ads. Visitors can see your ads as they browse more than 2 million sites, giving them a clear path back to your page.

Illustration that alludes to building a loyal community of followers on social media

Introducing organic social posting and scheduling on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

With organic social posting in Mailchimp, you can create and publish engaging posts across major social networks in just a few clicks. And with social post scheduling, you can keep those conversations going—even when you take the day off.

Other Enhancements

Know who’s getting your postcards

Rest assured that your postcards are going to the right people. With just one click you can quickly see the profile details—including name, email, and mailing address—of your recipients before you send. Learn more about postcards.

Organize your audience with automated tags

Now when you connect an existing integration or create a custom integration through our API, you can automatically create tags in Mailchimp based on interests and attributes.

Edit your images wherever you are

Capture inspiration anywhere and keep it all in one place. Easily upload your images to the content studio in our mobile app and use them across all your campaigns.

Get to know your audience with mobile reports

See who's joining your audience through your landing page and learn about individual contacts using the updated reports on our mobile app.

Spring 2019

Illustration of a person walking with many people standing on their shoulders

Bring people back with Instagram and Facebook retargeting ads

When customers wander away from your landing page or website, reengage them with Instagram and Facebook retargeting ads. See how it’s done.

A snapshot of the Mailchimp audience dashboard

Keep your audience at the heart of all you do with Mailchimp’s marketing CRM

Our audience dashboard will help you learn more about your audience and provide you with prebuilt segments so that you can send targeted messages with a click. You can also tag contacts on import and export to stay organized and send personalized, automated messages. How to market smarter from your audience dashboard.

A person riding on a horse

See yourself in stories from people who have been there, too

We know that when you’re starting a business, sometimes you simply want to feel understood. For those moments, we share inspiring stories of small business trials and triumphs.

Ben Chestnut as a child with his mother in the kitchen

Bringing it all together: introducing our all‑in‑one Marketing Platform

We know what it’s like to start small. That’s why we created a powerful, user-friendly platform where you can afford to do all of your marketing in one place. Connect with your audience across channels and foster the customer relationships you need to grow.

Other enhancements

Time your messages perfectly with a scheduled postcard campaign

Create and schedule your postcard campaign for a later date, so that it arrives at precisely the right moment and you keep your work on track. Schedule a postcard.

Organize your audience, wherever you are

Create, edit, and manage tags on the mobile app to keep your audience organized and actionable, from any time or place. Download on iOS or Android.

Get insights and inspiration on the go

Get recommendations for which features to try next and guidance on best practices with the recommendations in content in the new mobile app Explore Feed. Download on iOS or Android.

Winter 2019

Illustration of a hand with the pinky sticking out while animals perch on the pinky

Make a great first impression with a 1-click welcome automation

Greet new subscribers with a single click, using our pre-built, customizable welcome automation. On the go? Say hello from the mobile app.
How to automate your greeting.