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Millions of people and businesses use MailChimp to send 1 billion emails every day. We send more email than anyone, and we send it fast. Quickly growing small businesses and e-commerce retailers need an experienced marketing automation provider that can scale with them. They need an innovative company with the resources and tools necessary to improve their performance, make them more money, and grow their business.

MailChimp is uniquely suited to do just that.

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Features that mean business


Create and schedule automated emails that follow up on purchases, nurture leads, and provide product recommendations to customers. For even greater customization, use our API to trigger custom workflows.

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A/B Testing

Optimize your email marketing with our powerful A/B Testing features. Build up to 3 variations on each test, including content, send times, "From" name, and more. We'll perform the test, let you know which option worked best, and send the winning campaign automatically.

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E-commerce features

Easily connect your shopping cart to your MailChimp account. Track online orders, set up automated messaging, and generate more revenue from your campaigns using MailChimp's e-commerce features.

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Advanced analytics

Monitor sales and website activity with revenue reports, use Google Analytics to inform your email content, and see how you measure up to competitors in your industry.

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Segment your list by signup date, location, purchase activity, and much more.

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Triggered emails

With Connected Sites, you can send triggered emails based on signups, website views, JavaScript events, and more.

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MailChimp is exactly the kind of partner you want as a small business owner. They are reliable, easy to work with and their pricing model scales appropriately with the size of your business. While you don't need be an expert to use the platform, it has all the bells and whistles an expert would want. DODOcase just passed our 5th year on the platform!

Craig Dalton
Craig Dalton

Data science

Our data science team is constantly learning from the 20 billion emails that millions of businesses send with MailChimp every month. In fact, our Chief Data Scientist literally wrote the book on data. Research is in the DNA of everything we build, and there are many ways MailChimp's Data Pipeline can improve your business and increase your sales.


From themed reports to stats, blog posts to industry insights, our researchers are always crunching numbers to make your email marketing even better.

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Send times and spam filters

We make charts about Send Time Optimization, sure, but we also analyze emojis. At MailChimp, we combine data and design every day, and your marketing is all the better for it.

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Our abuse-detection technology keeps MailChimp's system clean by predicting bad behavior in campaigns before they even make it out the door.

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Email Genome Project

This large-scale tool uncovers stories and trends that are hidden in the vast data of billions of monthly sends. It's an ongoing effort to better understand the email ecosystem, and we share it exclusively with MailChimp users.

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MailChimp's user friendliness, reporting, and integrations are great. We have the ability to track and segment our customers, A/B test, and capture sales data. As we build our list, it's important for us to send automated emails to educate potential customers about our brand story, product value, and new products. We've grown our email list more than 50% in four months. As we grow our business at SeaVees, we look forward to working with MailChimp as a partner.

Macy McGinness
VP Marketing & E-Commerce

A new and improved API

MailChimp's API processes more than 10 million requests per day from a quarter of a million users. And API v3.0 is our best version yet, including major new features like list creation and API-triggered automation emails.

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We’ve also integrated with all your favorite web services, including Wufoo, Salesforce, Eventbrite, and SurveyMonkey. Easily sync your data, import content from other sources, and keep track of your revenue as we seamlessly connect your account to the apps you already use.

Mandrill is a transactional API for MailChimp users. Built on the same powerful infrastructure as MailChimp, Mandrill delivers emails in seconds. It’s the ideal solution for data-driven messages, including targeted e-commerce and personalized one-to-one emails.

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Robust mobile functionality

With just a few taps, you can manage lists, add subscribers, and send campaigns on our native mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. Gather subscribers remotely with MailChimp Subscribe and send gorgeous, photo-based emails with MailChimp Snap. You can even take a quick look at your campaigns while you're on the go with MailChimp for Apple Watch. Much like our powerful features and data allow us to grow with your business, our mobile suite ensures we can go anywhere your busy life takes you.

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Hands down, MailChimp is the best email platform out there. The intuitive design let's us quickly craft beautiful campaigns and track immediate results. The interface is easy to use and the back-end is super powerful, allowing us to track ROI and go deep on customer analytics. As we've gotten bigger, MailChimp has scaled right with us and been a game changer in helping us grow our e-commerce business.

Ernest Alexander Sabine

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