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QuickBooks with Mailchimp

Start your marketing journey with ease

Automate campaigns, personalize email templates, and generate custom designs, all from within the Intuit product family*.

The tools you need to start (and keep) growing

Mailchimp analyzes hundreds of millions of data points, then gives you suggestions for making your marketing better.

Easy-to-use email templates

Remove the guesswork with pre-made email templates. Mailchimp helps you have fewer things on your plate by pulling in your customer data—giving you a head start.

One-click automations

Save time with marketing automations that keep your customer communications evergreen without the manual effort.

AI-powered design

Creative Assistant helps you make assets for emails, social media, and more—no design team needed.

"That's what we love about Mailchimp. It was there at the beginning when we needed it to generate revenue, but it's still here to not only support our user journey, but also, it pays for itself as it generates revenue for the business."

MovingWaldo, Mailchimp and QuickBooks Customer

Mailchimp analytics helps us gauge interest in where to hold our events, and then we keep our audience engaged with automations, tags, and customer journeys.

We use QuickBooks for our own business accounting software, and also recommend it to our clients. It's something you can use without having to do a lot of manual work.

One Stop Taxes, Mailchimp and QuickBooks Customer

Ready to save time and connect with customers?