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Marketing Automation

Your business can be always on—even when you're off.

Case Study

How Captar Alunos doubled its client roster with automations

The education marketing agency shares how they thrived during the pandemic by using automations and an empathetic message.

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CRM Automations

  • Business Tips

    4 Simple Steps to Turn Audience Data into Campaigns That Drive Engagement

    How to use Mailchimp to collect, organize, and understand your audience data—then use it to market smarter.

    6 min read

  • Marketing Glossary

    Marketing Automation

    A process that enables technology to take over repetitive marketing tasks from people, freeing people to focus on strategy. Technology can automate scheduled email sends and social site postings.

  • Case Study

    Customer Retention Through Automation: A Case Study

    Learn how Vital Agency worked with their client, Blue Water Mortgage, to deal with a shifting market and helped them refocus and shape their overall communication strategy.

    6 min read

  • Marketing Glossary

    Email Automation

    The use of predefined rules to trigger email messages based on specific actions customers take—or don’t take.

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Hero image for The Big Prize: A Case Study in Automation

Case Study

The Big Prize: A Case Study in Automation

Learn how Digital Impulse gets creative with content to help increase open rates and leverages social media tools as part of an overall marketing strategy.

Email Automations