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How QuyCup Welcomed New E‑Commerce Customers

With expert help and a well‑defined strategy, this sustainable drinkware brand got their online sales off the ground.


  • Industry: Housewares
  • Location: Florence, Italy
  • Company size: < 10
  • Year founded: 2018

Published: October 31, 2022

Based in Italy, QuyCup designs eco-friendly, reusable travel cups, thermoses, and mugs that are sold around the world. The company began by wholesaling their products to brick-and-mortar stores when they launched in 2018. Then they expanded into e-commerce in 2020, launching their own website to sell directly to customers.

At first, QuyCup’s e-commerce sales were meager. They decided they wanted a digital marketing strategy—and more importantly, they needed help creating and implementing it. They turned to Ossidiana, a digital marketing collective and member of the Mailchimp & Co community.

Luca Santi, Copywriter and Social Media Specialist at Ossidiana, had the skills and tools to help QuyCup find their customers and drive more online sales. Using Mailchimp, Luca developed a strategy that included automating a special offer, sharing brand content, and integrating e-commerce data. The results were tangible and lasting.

The challenge: Win over new e-commerce customers

At first, QuyCup's e-commerce launch was missing a few key elements. They didn’t have a strategy for bringing new, prospective customers to their site. Additionally, they needed content that communicated their brand value for the customers who did find it.

With Luca’s help, QuyCup created a strategy to overcome these challenges.

  • Connect with potential customers
  • Communicate their brand's unique values
  • Incentivize purchases
  • Build brand loyalty

QuyCup worked with Luca to articulate their brand identity, voice and tone, and mission. Then, prepped with that information, QuyCup shifted their focus toward communicating their brand values to help drive more online sales.

The tools: A welcome series with an irresistible brand introduction + e-commerce integrations

Between their website and online store, QuyCup had customer data they could use to boost e-commerce sales. So Luca helped them bring together the tools they were already using. First, he integrated QuyCup’s Mailchimp account with their WooCommerce store and WordPress site. This made it possible to synchronize their e-commerce data in Mailchimp and create campaigns based on their customers’ behavior.

Then, he and the QuyCup team created a plan to reach potential customers with a welcome series automation that spoke to each stage of discovery, conversion, and remarketing. They also came up with a compelling offer: a free espresso cup included with a first purchase and free shipping in Italy. This, they believed, would create a strong incentive for new customers to buy, reduce friction by eliminating the shipping cost, and help cultivate loyalty.

The welcome series begins with a signup form and pop-up form on the QuyCup website. There, potential customers are incentivized to provide their email address and subscribe to QuyCup’s newsletter to receive the special offer.

This customer action kicks off the welcome automation consisting of 5 emails. The first email introduces the brand, shares the promo code, and explains how to use it. The emails that follow talk about QuyCup’s values and mission, describe their environmentally-conscientious production, and show their full range of products.

The result: An engaged audience who’s ready to buy

Combining the welcome series and data integration paid off for QuyCup through product sales and customer engagement. From May 2021 through May 2022, QuyCup’s investment of just under 1,100 EUR returned 10,435 EUR in revenue and yielded a return on investment (ROI) of 850%. The first email in the series was especially impactful, with an average click-through rate of 42.3% and an average order of 16.60 EUR.

  • 42.3%

    average click-through rate, 1st email

  • 850%

    total series ROI

  • €10K+

    total series revenue

Although the first email resulted in the most engagement, the others contributed to the goals that Luca and the QuyCup team set out to achieve. Communicating what sets QuyCup apart—its mission, manufacturing, and full catalog of cups and thermoses give new customers reason to come back.

For Luca, this audience-centered approach is the key to success. "Turn on your light bulb and think about who is on the other side, find the idea that differentiates you in their eyes,” he says. “With the tools offered by Mailchimp, you can make your ideas even brighter."

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