Welcome Email Automation

Make a great first impression

Greet new subscribers with a warm welcome and an introduction to your brand.

A welcome email.

Personally welcome all your new subscribers, without the personal effort.

Tell your brand story

Introduce your business with emails that make you look professional—even if you’re just getting started.

Start building relationships

Use what you know about your fans—like where they signed up for your list—to send personalized messages that keep them engaged.

Send one, or send a series

Send a quick welcome message or create an email series that tells a deeper story and brings your brand to life.

Turn subscribers into buyers

Reward your newest subscribers with promo codes and discounts that inspire them to start shopping.

How to welcome new fans

  • 01

    Choose your list

    Your welcome message will automatically go out to anyone who joins the list you’ve selected.

  • 02

    Adjust the timing

    Welcome people one day after they subscribe, change the delay, or add more emails to make it a series.

  • 03

    Design your email

    Our drag‑and‑drop email builder makes it easy to build out and personalize welcome messages in minutes.

  • 04

    Start welcoming subscribers

    Turn it on and the rest is automated. Every new contact will get their own personalized greeting.

“We’ve generated over $800,000 in revenue from the welcome series since we launched it back in 2015.”

Gastón Frydlewski, co-founder of Hickies

See their approach

Celebrate every contact

It’s easy to make their day, and even easier to get started.

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